Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Anniversary

So it's been a year (technically a year was yesterday but I didnt have access to a computer so lets pretend). It has been a year since I started this blog. Originally I started it so I could have somewhere to talk. A place where I could get my feelings off my chest without really having to deal with it. A year later and i'm not sure what to do with this blog at all. I've grown and changed so much in this past year it's not funny. I've asked out guys, I've broken up with guys, I've had my heart broken and I've probably broke hearts. I've changed majors at uni, I've passed courses, I've failed courses and i've been given academic warnings. I've met wonderful people and i've lost wonderful people (if you read this Charlie, i'm still waiting for that email you promised to send me in september. Also, a reply to one of my texts wouldnt go astray). I've come out and I've hidden myself (and if my mother has anything to do with it everyone will know in a few days). I've been shy, I've been outgoing. I've lost confidence and gained confidence and lost it again. I've topped, I've bottomed, I've been caught, I've made mistakes and I have regrets but all in all it has been a very interesting year and I think I am a lot more confident and happier right now than I was last year.

I was going to write a proper recap of everything that has happened to me in the past year but then I realised that I have a blog and if you really want to know what has happened then you can always go back and re-read it (minus the sex. For some reason I never really said anthing about my sex life, which is probably a good thing). There are a little over 100 posts, including my terrible attempt at erotic fiction which probably wont get finished. I've been incredibly slack with posts lately, especially considering how many times I posted on those first couple of days. I'm not sure what i want to do with this blog. I dont want to close it down but at the same time I dont really feel the need to post here either. I think I might just let it sit here. I have twitter which is a bit easier to do, so you can follow me on that. I guess if i want to say something that's too big for twitter i'll write a post. And you never know, the writing bug might strike me again and I can always come back to this blog.

Thank you to everyone that has followed me or commented or done anything vaguely related to this blog over the past year. You're all wonderful. Maybe i'll be back soon
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