Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BB Group

And then we all fucked without condoms.

I'm Joking

Brisbane Bloggers Group.
So on sunday i met up with Aaron from Beautiful Chaos and Ed from Pardon My Shadenfreude (my in text links never seem to work. check the links on the side). We went to the powerhouse. Saw some free comedy. One of them sucked but the other three were really good (i'm talking about the comedians). Had a good time. Might go to the powerhouse more often (i'd never been before). So we went and saw some free comedy and had a good time and a bit of a chat.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


So i thought i should post these over here so if you had any more questions or comments about my answers you can leave a comment below or ask anonomously on my formspring page (link at the side).

you come home from a long day of classes. i'm sitting on your bed in your room. you had no idea i would be there. i'm butt naked. erect. smiling. i say hello. what do you do? screaming is not an option. guns are not permitted.
Wow. I'd be shocked and probably lost for words. As for what happens next, that depends on who you are and how well i know you. But rest assured you'd have a really good time. I think i'd lead with a kiss

i think you told us you've never bottom. am i to assume you prefer being top?
I dont know what i prefer. It's a bit hard to say i prefer one when i havent bottomed yet. ideally i'd like to be versatile but i dont know. I havent cum while topping so i dont know. Maybe i'm meant to be a bottom

do you liked to be chased or are you the chaser?
Ideally it would be a bit of both but if i had to choose i'd say be chased. I dont think i'm very good at chasing and i tend to get annoyed if i always have to start the conversations and make the plans and everything

assuming you're white, would you date a hot black or mexican guy?
Of course. Race really isnt important to me. That being said i've never met a mexican or african american. I have been with some people from the middle east though.

are you a pimp, preppy, or grung dresser?
I dont think i fit into any of these ones. Usually i just wear shorts, a t-shirt and my thongs

In terms of your ideal guy, do you prefer smooth or hairy?
I think i tend to go for guys on the smoother side. A little bit of hair is fine but i dont think i could handle to much.

Have you every had sex with your best friend? Any family members?
No. Incest is not cool. No to the friends too

What would be your ideal spring break vacation?
We dont really have spring break in australia. Ideally i'd love to travel the world and see places i've never been to. One place that i've been to and really liked was Queenstown in New Zealand.

You write" I'm a slut"? Please describe what you mean by this?
I have been sexually promiscous

How many times a day do you jack off? Have you eaten your own cum?
It depends on how i'm feeling but it's usually 2 times. Maybe 3. If i'm really in the mood i could reach 5. And yes i have tasted my own cum.

Have you ever been in love?
I dont know. Probably not. I said i loved sexy abs but i dont think i really did. I think it was more infatuation

do you have an allsorts group (queer networking) at uni? i asked ages ago and never had a response. if yes, GO TO IT.
There is some sort of group but i dont think i'd feel comfortable in it. From what i've seen they... i dont think i'd fit in. Also my friends at uni would probably find out which may not work out so well

What is your ideal guy? Or what kind of guys you are not into?
Hmmm. Sense of humour and intelligence would be good in a guy. I tend not to go for feminine guys. Well overly feminine guys

do u have low self-esteem?
Yeah. Kinda. Its a combination of low self esteem and low self confidence

How many guys have fucked you?
I've never been a bottom. It's not that i dont want to but i'd prefer my first time to be with soemone i really liked and not just some random. It'll happen eventually

These aren't all the questions i've answered, just a few i picked out, so go over to my formspring page and have a look. I've tried to be as honest as possible

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I saw this last night on hungry beast and i thought it was pretty funny.

The maybe part of the title comes from the fact that i might have a crush on a guy in my structural lecture. I dont know him and i dont know if he's gay but i think he might be. He's pretty hot and i think he saw me looking at him the other day. I might have been a bit obvious when i turned around to look at him.

EDIT: I've just realised you cant really see the video properly so just go to http://hungrybeast.abc.net.au/stories/if-lady-gaga-werent-popstar

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Internet no more

This is just a quick update. I've made some decisions lately and i hope they all work out well. The biggest one so far is that my manhunt account no longer exists. Also i've answered all the questions i've been asked on formspring. Just click on the link to see my answers and feel free to ask me more questions. Thats all i really have time for. Uni is a bitch so here's a song.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


And my terrible choice in guys continues. I dont know what it is but i seem to attract the wrong guys. All i want is a nice guy who is sweet and charming and wants me as much as i want him. Instead I get crappy ones. Let me use a list to demonstrate.
~The guy that had a boyfriend i didn't know about (until i found out in the worst possible way)
~The guy that said he would rape me
~The guy that was ignoring me, but apparently not ignoring me, who's now gone back to ignoring me after saying he doesnt want a boyfriend, only friends with benefits
~The guy that wanted to train me as his submissive
~The guy that wants to spank and cane me while i am in a school uniform (i'll admit the schoolboy fantasy could be good but i dont know about the pain)
~The guy that wanted me to dominate him
~The guy that was into pain, humiliation and puppy play (i was like oh, fuck when he said tasers)
Not to mention all my other failures such as phil and awkward silence guy (so they're not really bad guys but they didnt turn out the way i had hoped either).

I dont know what it is but something about my manhunt profile must scream kinky. I dont know what it is, but it must be there. I just attract kinky guys. But here's the thing. I have to meet guys on the internet, to start with at least. Like i can't meet gay guys by accident or anything, it just doesn't happen.
Case in point - I'm talking to phil the other night and he was like guess what happenned to me the yesterday. I was like what. And he said, the guy behind me in a lecture the other day passed me a note saying he liked my pants and asking where i got them and we kept passing notes back and forth and he asked me to add him to facebook. I was like that would never happen in any of my lectures. And i mean it, i can't even imagine that happening in my classes. It was like bronco and the random guy in queen street all over again.

And the other day i was at the uni bar and i saw these gay guys (i dont have a very good gaydar but i think it was a fair guess). Now i would never even consider going up to them and just talking. Or anything like that. I just couldn't do it. If they started talking to me i might have a conversation but even thats not for sure.

So yeah, the moral of todays rant is i suck at being gay.

And now for some explaining on the last post. Yes it was a letter to myself. It didnt exactly come out the way i had planned in my head but it was a good idea at the time. I wasn't having a go at anyone with my first paragraph. It was just a little joke about how i hadnt been asked any questions. I know i have readers and i know people leave comments and i'm very grateful for that. I was trying to look at my life from 2 different perspectives and i thought it would be a good idea to know how i was feeling so i could come back and look at it in the future. So in like a year or something i could see how far i had progressed. That's all.

As always comments are appreciated. If you want to ask me anythign the link is on the side. Have a good day

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Letter To Tommy


First of all i'd like to say congratulations. You have successfully proven that no one reads your blog. I know i am the only person that has asked you questions on that formspring website. Now i don't mind asking you questions but it does get a bit boring after a while, just so you know. I also know you don't really get any comments but i can't be bothered writing any of those.

I know you have been down and depressed lately. You need to realise that it's not that bad and it's just a phase and it will pass. Things are better since you have come out. It may not feel like it now but it's true. And in time you'll find all those things that you're looking for (Like a boyfriend and some great friends). I understand that uni is stressing you out and you have lots of stuff thats needs to be done but you'll make it through. Once you get back into a good uni/study routine things will get better. I realise that you're having trouble focusing on your uni work but it will get better.

Apparently you're thinking about quitting work. All i can say is that you have to do whats right for you. Personally, I think it's a good idea. You only work a couple of hours a week and i know you don't think it is that good. You'll be able to survive on your centrelink payments, you use to live off less. If you quit it will give you more time to focus on uni. I know you realise that you cant fail any more courses. However, before you quit i think you should talk to your mother and see what she says about it. I know you feel a little obligated towards your bosses because they have been so good to you but you need to look out for yourself first.

I know you've been a bit upset about your friends, or lack of friends. Princess is right. You need to go out there and make friends. I know that you saw lots of gay guys at uni today, and they were in their pairs or little groups and you were a little disheartened. That you wished you could have that. You can and you will. It just might take some time. Just remember to respect yourself.

Best of luck with everything. You will make it through everything and you'll be a better person when you do.

Yours Sincerely,
Tommy xoxo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Procrastination, what's that?

So i've decided to set up one of those anonomous question things. It's at www.formspring.me/MalePersuasion I'll put a link at the side. I'd really like to answer any questions you have and it'll be anonomous so you can ask me anything.

As for everything else, my life is shit and i'm a slut.

I look forward to answering your questions.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy - Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of my big fat shitty life.

I feel terrible at the moment. I'm so stressed over uni. Two weeks in and i'm convinced i'm going to fail something. Who the hell decides that final exams worth 70% are a good idea. So i've already handed in two lots of assessment and i have another 3 due next week. I dont see this going well. Also i'm getting sick. Or i am already sick. I have a sore throat and my nose is all stuffed up and i just feel tired. I live with 2 pigs and they obviously dont understand the concept of cleaning. I know i'm not perfect but they can be disgusting. Also as of yesterday i have a lump near my right nipple. It's like right next to it and it's kinda sore. I showed my brother and he said it might just be a lymph node but i dont know. My family does have a big history of breast cancer and i know guys can get it. I just...I dont know. Maybe i'm burning the candle at both ends. So back to the continuation of my last post.

So on monday i had a date. I'd been talking to this guy for a couple of days and i'd sent him some texts while i was at the 21st so on monday afternoon we met. He just recently moved to brisbane and he lives close by, but not really (technically i think he lives in Ipswich). So on monday afternoon i drove out to his place and picked him up(because i'm a gentleman). So he came out of his house and he was wearing long black pants and a button up shirt. He looked good. He's the same height as me and he has blackish hair and he's a little tanned. He's an attractive guy. So we talked while i drove us to the cinemas. He seemed really nice and he's much more confident then me. He's out and we talked about me coming out and he said he wanted to help me. So we got to the cinema and had some time to spare so I managed to convince him to go to a games arcade with me. we played a couple of games and he said he didnt like to play games cause he got competitive so i felt a little bad for making him play. So we went to the cinemas and bought our tickets and just hung around till we could go in. I felt really nervous. We went to see The wolfman. We decided to see it because neither of us really like horror movies and this was the scariest one on. So it was us and some random guy that sat towards the front in the cinema (we were at the back). So we played wheel of fortune on his phone while we waited for the movie to start. I accidently called him handsome. Then the movie started and we were kinda sitting there and i could feel his little finger kind of brushing against my leg. I let it go for a while then i leant over and gave him a really quick kiss in the cheek. I moved away from him so fast. I was blushing. Then i leant back over to tell him it was for playing air hockey with me and he turned around and kissed me. we kissed 2 or 3 more times and it was great. I could have melted. So then we started holding hands. We watched the rest of the movie, making out every so often and holding each other in the scary parts. He made me blush a couple of times. He called me delicious and kissed me and he could see me blushing in the dark of the cinema. Every so often he would try and feel my package but i fended him off. I told him not on a first date. So the movie finished and i drove him home and he had his hand on my leg while we were driving. It was nice. So i parked in front of his house and we made out for a while in the car (maybe 20 minutes or so). He's a really good kisser and i was pretty much hard the whole time. He tried to grab my cock a couple of times and i blocked him and he asked for "just a little taste". It was funny and cute. After a while we got out of the car and we hugged and i just couldn't help it. I pushed him against the car and started making out again. He said he could feel my cock and i said i couldn't help it. He asked me if i wanted him to take care of it. I said yes, but not yet. we need to have at least 2 dates before you get to touch it. So after a while he said he should probably go and i gave him a hug (it was great) and a kiss on the cheek (cause originally i said he might get a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night if he was lucky). I asked him about a second date and he said definately. HOWEVER, I havent heard from him all week. I've sent him a couple of texts but no reply. I'm hoping there's an explaination like he's run out of credit or something but i dont know.

Also i've been thinking about coming out a bit. Well quite a bit. Then last night, with some helpful encouragement from princess i changed my interested in on facebook. It now says i like guys as well as girls eventually i'll change it to just guys. I've decided i'm not going to address it unless someone asks. I'm not going to make a point of it but it is there for anyone to see. So i changed it and i asked phil (i was talking ot him at the time) to go and look at my facebook page. He saw it and congratulated me. It made me feel a little better.

I have tonnes of other shits to talk about but this will do for now. As always if you have any questions you want to ask me leave a comment. I will do my best to answer them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Holy Crap! So much stuff has been happening recently. I'm taking a break from everything and writing this post, hoping it will help calm me down a bit (this post is probably going to be all over the shop). OK, where to start:

So the past weekend i went and visited my family on the farm. I went back for my former housemate's 21st. So we left friday night and got to the farm a bit after midnight. We had to negotiate some floodwater too which was interesting. It rained all saturday night (over 80mm) so on saturday morning we went for a drive to check out the rivers near our farm. There is a creek which runs along the back of our farm so we went to have a look at that. On one side of the farm it was a couple of feet below the bridge. On the other side of the farm there is no bridge and the water was so deep you couldn't even see the flood marker. The creek went from nothing (usually) to about 100 metres across. It was good, all our dams were overflowing. I love the rain.

So the 21st was on saturday night. So we (me, my brother, my brothers girlfriend) drove into town in the afternoon but the main river had burst it's banks and and was covering the bridge on our normal route into town. It was the highest i had ever seen it. So we backtracked and went the long way into town and finally made it.

So the 21st was kinda fun, but i didnt really have anyone to talk with. well i did but i kinda hung around my brother and his friends because none of my "friends" were there.
Sidenote: I put friends in quotation marks because on friday i sent my friend james a message asking what he was doing this weekend because he lives back in my old town. He rung me (a first) and said him and another friend were coming to brissie and they were going to go to sexpo and then they were going to go another friends 20th birthday party. It was the first time i had heard about the party and i was a little annoyed. I know i'm probably not his best friend but they can invite people that live 3 hours away and not someone that lives a couple of suburbs away. Anyway, james was good and said we have to catch up again soon and he mentioned going to a concert or something. This is another thing. my "friends" go to concert or festivals and what not but i never seem to be invited. End rant

So the 21st was hawaiin themed and it was fun and i got a little tipsy/drunk.

My mum was kinda annoying me this weekend. So on friday night when i got home i was wearing a purple shirt. She made some stupid little comment about me wearing purple, the international colour for gays, and i just ignored it. Hell i wasn't wearing the shirt because it was purple. I was wearing the shirt because it was the shirt i picked up off my bedroom floor 5 minutes before i walked out of the house. Then on saturday my some of my family was watching i now pronounce you chuck and larry. I didn't really feel like watching it. I was doing one of my uni assignments and playing wii with one of my little brothers and just doing other stuff. And my mum was like "Why dont you come and watch this tommy, it's funny." and i was like no, i'm doing other stuff. And then i heard her say"i dont know why he wont come and watch it, it's so funny." I was just like whatever. Then on sunday my parents were looking for a new couch so we went to have a look with them. And we were testing all of them out and debating which one they should get and we were sitting on pretty much all of them testing them. And then i pointed out a purple couch and said have we tested this one. And my mum was like "it's purple, we all know what that means" and i was like, "yeah, purple is the colour of royalty." and we just kept going. I mean we were testing every couch in the friggin store. The colour had nothing to do with it. And i'm pretty sure my mum bought the purple shirt for me. It was just annoying.

Also on friday night in the car on the way home my borthers girlfriend was asking me all these questions about being gay and my personal life and what not. It was ... interesting. She wants to go clubbing with me to the beat sometime and i was like yeah. I really dont want it too happen. I'm not sure if i can think of anything worse than going gay clubbing with my brothers girlfriend.

Im other news i'm really busy with uni. I have my first 2 pieces of assessment due today. So one and half weeks in and i already feel behind. I'm not really but i feel like i am. I'm trying to rewrite my notes and everything and it's very time consuming. I have finished both my things due today (big thanks to charlie, he really is super awesome).

OMG i forgot how much crap i had to talk about. I think i'm going to have to do it in 2 posts because i'm running out of time. OK, so in the next post i'll be talking about coming out and a date i had and some other stuff.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So i am now back at uni. 2 Days in and i'm already a tad annoyed. Anyways, this is just going to be a post full of random things that have been happening.

~I woke up at 7 this morning which means i slept in. OK, so i know it doesnt sound like much but i never sleep in. Like ever. I did actually wake up at 5.30 but i went back to sleep which doesnt usually happen so yay for me.

~I finally put some songs on my mp3. I havent downloaded any off the net yet but it does have some songs on it. This is the first song that went on there and i love it.

~I've decided i'm going to be less of a slut and focus on uni more.

~I was a bit depressed on the weekend due to the fact i have no friends. Well no close friends. I'm over it now but it's still kinda there in the back.

~I'm loving all the rain at the moment

~Me and my uni friends have decided we're going to try and go to the uni pub once a week. Which should be good. We're also trying to organise a social sporting team. For some reason we are talking about water polo. I'm not too keen on water polo because i know i'd suck and i assume i'd have to wear a speedo and i dont think anyone wants to see that. I think it keeps coming up because it's the cheapest of the options. Personally i want to do european handball but i dont think we'll get organised and do any sport.

~Work is alright. I'm working much less now that uni has started which is good. The title comes from something we were talking about at work. It's a bit rude/sexual if you dont get it.

Thanks for reading my random crap. As always comments are welcome.
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