Sunday, March 28, 2010


So i thought i should post these over here so if you had any more questions or comments about my answers you can leave a comment below or ask anonomously on my formspring page (link at the side).

you come home from a long day of classes. i'm sitting on your bed in your room. you had no idea i would be there. i'm butt naked. erect. smiling. i say hello. what do you do? screaming is not an option. guns are not permitted.
Wow. I'd be shocked and probably lost for words. As for what happens next, that depends on who you are and how well i know you. But rest assured you'd have a really good time. I think i'd lead with a kiss

i think you told us you've never bottom. am i to assume you prefer being top?
I dont know what i prefer. It's a bit hard to say i prefer one when i havent bottomed yet. ideally i'd like to be versatile but i dont know. I havent cum while topping so i dont know. Maybe i'm meant to be a bottom

do you liked to be chased or are you the chaser?
Ideally it would be a bit of both but if i had to choose i'd say be chased. I dont think i'm very good at chasing and i tend to get annoyed if i always have to start the conversations and make the plans and everything

assuming you're white, would you date a hot black or mexican guy?
Of course. Race really isnt important to me. That being said i've never met a mexican or african american. I have been with some people from the middle east though.

are you a pimp, preppy, or grung dresser?
I dont think i fit into any of these ones. Usually i just wear shorts, a t-shirt and my thongs

In terms of your ideal guy, do you prefer smooth or hairy?
I think i tend to go for guys on the smoother side. A little bit of hair is fine but i dont think i could handle to much.

Have you every had sex with your best friend? Any family members?
No. Incest is not cool. No to the friends too

What would be your ideal spring break vacation?
We dont really have spring break in australia. Ideally i'd love to travel the world and see places i've never been to. One place that i've been to and really liked was Queenstown in New Zealand.

You write" I'm a slut"? Please describe what you mean by this?
I have been sexually promiscous

How many times a day do you jack off? Have you eaten your own cum?
It depends on how i'm feeling but it's usually 2 times. Maybe 3. If i'm really in the mood i could reach 5. And yes i have tasted my own cum.

Have you ever been in love?
I dont know. Probably not. I said i loved sexy abs but i dont think i really did. I think it was more infatuation

do you have an allsorts group (queer networking) at uni? i asked ages ago and never had a response. if yes, GO TO IT.
There is some sort of group but i dont think i'd feel comfortable in it. From what i've seen they... i dont think i'd fit in. Also my friends at uni would probably find out which may not work out so well

What is your ideal guy? Or what kind of guys you are not into?
Hmmm. Sense of humour and intelligence would be good in a guy. I tend not to go for feminine guys. Well overly feminine guys

do u have low self-esteem?
Yeah. Kinda. Its a combination of low self esteem and low self confidence

How many guys have fucked you?
I've never been a bottom. It's not that i dont want to but i'd prefer my first time to be with soemone i really liked and not just some random. It'll happen eventually

These aren't all the questions i've answered, just a few i picked out, so go over to my formspring page and have a look. I've tried to be as honest as possible


  1. :D U know how I feel about your answers. :) I'm glad you posted these.


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