Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Holy Crap! So much stuff has been happening recently. I'm taking a break from everything and writing this post, hoping it will help calm me down a bit (this post is probably going to be all over the shop). OK, where to start:

So the past weekend i went and visited my family on the farm. I went back for my former housemate's 21st. So we left friday night and got to the farm a bit after midnight. We had to negotiate some floodwater too which was interesting. It rained all saturday night (over 80mm) so on saturday morning we went for a drive to check out the rivers near our farm. There is a creek which runs along the back of our farm so we went to have a look at that. On one side of the farm it was a couple of feet below the bridge. On the other side of the farm there is no bridge and the water was so deep you couldn't even see the flood marker. The creek went from nothing (usually) to about 100 metres across. It was good, all our dams were overflowing. I love the rain.

So the 21st was on saturday night. So we (me, my brother, my brothers girlfriend) drove into town in the afternoon but the main river had burst it's banks and and was covering the bridge on our normal route into town. It was the highest i had ever seen it. So we backtracked and went the long way into town and finally made it.

So the 21st was kinda fun, but i didnt really have anyone to talk with. well i did but i kinda hung around my brother and his friends because none of my "friends" were there.
Sidenote: I put friends in quotation marks because on friday i sent my friend james a message asking what he was doing this weekend because he lives back in my old town. He rung me (a first) and said him and another friend were coming to brissie and they were going to go to sexpo and then they were going to go another friends 20th birthday party. It was the first time i had heard about the party and i was a little annoyed. I know i'm probably not his best friend but they can invite people that live 3 hours away and not someone that lives a couple of suburbs away. Anyway, james was good and said we have to catch up again soon and he mentioned going to a concert or something. This is another thing. my "friends" go to concert or festivals and what not but i never seem to be invited. End rant

So the 21st was hawaiin themed and it was fun and i got a little tipsy/drunk.

My mum was kinda annoying me this weekend. So on friday night when i got home i was wearing a purple shirt. She made some stupid little comment about me wearing purple, the international colour for gays, and i just ignored it. Hell i wasn't wearing the shirt because it was purple. I was wearing the shirt because it was the shirt i picked up off my bedroom floor 5 minutes before i walked out of the house. Then on saturday my some of my family was watching i now pronounce you chuck and larry. I didn't really feel like watching it. I was doing one of my uni assignments and playing wii with one of my little brothers and just doing other stuff. And my mum was like "Why dont you come and watch this tommy, it's funny." and i was like no, i'm doing other stuff. And then i heard her say"i dont know why he wont come and watch it, it's so funny." I was just like whatever. Then on sunday my parents were looking for a new couch so we went to have a look with them. And we were testing all of them out and debating which one they should get and we were sitting on pretty much all of them testing them. And then i pointed out a purple couch and said have we tested this one. And my mum was like "it's purple, we all know what that means" and i was like, "yeah, purple is the colour of royalty." and we just kept going. I mean we were testing every couch in the friggin store. The colour had nothing to do with it. And i'm pretty sure my mum bought the purple shirt for me. It was just annoying.

Also on friday night in the car on the way home my borthers girlfriend was asking me all these questions about being gay and my personal life and what not. It was ... interesting. She wants to go clubbing with me to the beat sometime and i was like yeah. I really dont want it too happen. I'm not sure if i can think of anything worse than going gay clubbing with my brothers girlfriend.

Im other news i'm really busy with uni. I have my first 2 pieces of assessment due today. So one and half weeks in and i already feel behind. I'm not really but i feel like i am. I'm trying to rewrite my notes and everything and it's very time consuming. I have finished both my things due today (big thanks to charlie, he really is super awesome).

OMG i forgot how much crap i had to talk about. I think i'm going to have to do it in 2 posts because i'm running out of time. OK, so in the next post i'll be talking about coming out and a date i had and some other stuff.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy take care and tell Charlie I said hi

  2. You mom may take longer to come around. She seems focused on little things, like the color of your shirt.


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