Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BB Group

And then we all fucked without condoms.

I'm Joking

Brisbane Bloggers Group.
So on sunday i met up with Aaron from Beautiful Chaos and Ed from Pardon My Shadenfreude (my in text links never seem to work. check the links on the side). We went to the powerhouse. Saw some free comedy. One of them sucked but the other three were really good (i'm talking about the comedians). Had a good time. Might go to the powerhouse more often (i'd never been before). So we went and saw some free comedy and had a good time and a bit of a chat.


  1. Really Tommy your head is filled with too much sex.

    Cool glad you enjoyed it

  2. Tommy is definitely a very interesting guy albeit shy and underestimate himself I reckon. :) And he's pretty good looking too.

    It was great meeting you, Tommy and I have to agree with Ethan! Haha.

  3. I agree with you on that Aaron I've got the feeling from his blog that he sells him self short to much


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