Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full On

So its been a while. I've decided to take a break from my already stop-start studying to give you a quick update (this is what we call procrastination).

Uni is getting full on. It surprising how it still manages to creep up on you every semester. The first few weeks you ease into things. You're relaxed and you like your courses and everything seems to be going well then BAM! You have 10 assignments due in the next two weeks. So that's a slight exageration but that's sort of what it feels like. I handed in my first proper assignment on friday. It was a prac report and i'm not to sure how i did with it seing as they didnt give us much guidance. I'm hoping i've done well. Tomorrow i have an in class "quiz" worth 15% overall so that's next in line. It's 25 multiple choice questions which hopefully wont be too hard. After i do that i have a group project which i have to get started. My group seems less than enthusiastic as i still havent been able to meet all the members in it so i've sort of just started on my own. It's all been split up and i know what bit i have to do so i'm going to try and do my best on it (with some help from charlie, maybe). I also have another assignment that i got last thursday which seems pretty complicated. It sort of runs on from classes and pracs we've already done so hopefully it wont be as hard as i think. I still havent had a proper look at it and i dont even know when it's due. Also this week i start pracs for another two courses which i will have to write reports for. Do you get what i was saying about it being full on? And i'm only doing 3 courses this semester.

Now if you follow my twitter you'll realise that australia has just had an election and i got kind of into it. This was my first federal election and we ended up with a hung parliment. Which i found exciting. I voted greens in both the houses and even managed to convince my xenophobic, rascist, bigoted, Tony Abbott supporting brother to vote for the greens in the senate. So Queensland got its first greens senator. The seat i live in was one of the queensland ones that stayed with the labor party. There weren't many of them. The Australian political system is much more complicated than the american system, Just incase you were wondering. We have a multi-party system and it all works around preferences. So we dont know who our Prime Minister is yet and it could take a while to work it out.

Other than that i still lead a rather bland existence. I'm still single and to be honest i dont see it changing anytime soon. Then again you never know. If you wish to help me procrastinate some more you can ask me some questions on formspring (link at the side). I like answering questions so give it a go, you never know what you'll learn. And on that note i probably should be getting back to this study. Hope you're all well.

P.S. I'll get back to the story as soon as i can Peter

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Part Three

So this is part three, Its probably the worst of the lot so far and actually took quite a while to write, though i'm not sure why. The football i'm talking about in this part is rugby league, just incase you were wondering.

The whistle blew across the playing field, signalling the end of practice. Oliver picked the football up and made his way over to his friends who were already waiting for the coach to speak.
"Alright guys, you did well today. Keep up the good work and i'll see you all in a couple of days"
The coach turned and walked away and the boys started heading off in their different directions. Oliver had made it a few steps towards his car when he got a football to the back of the head. The boys laughed as Oliver turned around.
"I'll give you a 5 second headstart"
The boys laughed again as Matt began running across the field. He had made it almost halfway along the field before Oliver turned to Tom.
"Do you think I should chase him?"
"Nahh," replied Tom ,"He'll come back eventually"
Oliver and Tom laughed and started walking towards their cars.
"You're coming to my shindig on the weekend right?" asked Tom.
"I dont know if i'll be able to," said Oliver ,"I'm pretty sure we're getting a big assignment for physics. So i'll probably have to do that."
"Does that mean you'll be spending more time with that idiot? i dont know why you're even nice to him."
"I assume you mean Alex?"
"yeah, tall cunt. Acts all higher than thou because he thinks he's smarter than us. And lets not forget my arm."
"A couple of things," said Oliver, "One, he's a nice guy. Two, he didnt break you arm. You broke your arm because you're such a stupid bastard. Three, I cant remember what i was ging to say."
Tom laughed.
"Well i'm still blaming him for breaking my arm."
"Alright," said Oliver, "You do that."
Oliver and Tom had walked all the way to their cars. Tom said goodbye before getting in his car and leaving. Oliver unlocked his old red mini and grabbed his bag off the passenger seat. He pulled off his sweaty shirt and pulled on a clean tshirt. It was tight and showed off his pecs. Oliver looked around for people before slipping his football shorts off. He pulled on a clean pair of shorts before anyone saw him in his underwear. Oliver chucked his sweaty clothes in the bag on the passenger seat before getting in his car and leaving.
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