Saturday, July 10, 2010

Part One

This is the first part of a story i decided to write because i wanted to waste some time. I know its not brilliant or anything and i havent really edited it but i'd welcome any comments, ideas, or suggestions you have. Let me know what you think, Thanks


She pulled the stereo out at the wall, killing the music.
"It's 1.30, You're either going home or going to sleep," She yelled.
A grumble rose up from the teenagers as the spotlights were going black. Small groups of teenagers began walking down the driveway into the darkness while others made their way to the house. The music briefly started again but the stereo was quickly turned off. Alex chucked one last stick into the bonfire. watching the embers rise up into the black night sky. He stood up from his log, grabbing the can beside him. It was nearly empty. He lifted it to his lips and finished the last of the drink before throwing the empty can into the fire. He zipped his jacket all the way up, trying to keep out the winter air. He started up the path towards the road putting his hands in his pocket as he went. Pretty much everyone had disappeared by now. Alex walked past the house, avoiding shrubs that were scattered around the yard. The cool, crisp air sent a shiver down his spine. The light from the moon provided enough light for Alex to see in the darkness. Ahead of him he could see a boy walking towards the trampoline, carrying blankets and pillows.

Oliver turned around and saw Alex walking towards him. He was hunched over and his hands were pushed as far into his pockets as they could go, trying to find some warmth. Oliver threw the pillows and sleeping bag onto the trampoline and made his was towards Alex. He grabbed Alex's arm.
"Thanks for coming to my party Alex."
"Thanks for inviting me"
Alex started walking down the driveway again but Oliver stood in his way.
"Where are you going?"
"I was just going to walk home, I dont think i should stay the night."
"Dont be silly Alex, you live on the other side of town and it's nearly 2 in the morning."
Oliver grabbed Alex by the arm, pulling him towards the trampoline.
"Stay and have a talk with me, I dont think i'll be able to go to sleep yet."
Alex reluctantly agreed as Oliver jumped onto the trampoline. Oliver unrolled his sleeping bag and slid into it. He grabbed a blanket and chucked it on top of his sleeping bag before propping his head up with pillows.
"get on the trampoline Alex. I wont bite"
Alex smiled as he got on the trampoline. It sagged under his weight as he lay down. Oliver and his sleeping bag slipped towards the middle of the trampoline.
"So you're sleeping out here tonight?"
"Yeah, it's such a nice night," said Oliver, "and Kate and Mark had sex in my bed earlier."
Alex and Oliver burst into laughter.
"we have to be quiet or else my mum will come out and get up us"
Both the boys looked up into the clear night sky. The stars were out in full force. A visible shiver ran down Alex's body. Oliver noticed.
"Shit, you must be freezing. Get under the blankets"
"Don't worry about it"
"Dont be stupid"
Oliver put his hands over Alex's chest, pulling him closer. Alex tried to wriggle away but Oliver wouldn't let him. He threw the blanket on top of Alex then put his body weight onto Alex's stomach so he could unzip his sleeping bag without Alex getting away. Eventually both the boys were next to each other underneat both the blanket and the sleeping bag. Oliver lifted up alex's head and gave him a pillow.
"It wasnt that hard now was it"
"I guess not," replied Alex, "thanks for inviting me to your party tonight. I know your friends dont like me"
"They like you"
"Ahh no," said Alex, "They hate me."
Oliver looked at Alex.
"Well it was my party, and i like you, And i'm glad you came."
Alex smiled, "thanks"
The boys continued to lie next to one another. Their arms ontop of one another so they could both fit on the trampolin and under the blankets.
"So Kate and Mark huh?"
The boys let out a small laugh before continuing their conversation for about another hour before they fell asleep.

Alex woke up at dawn, the sun shining into his eyes. Oliver was spooning him under the blankets. His arm was over the top of Alex's body, holding his hand tight into his chest. Alex wriggled his hand free from Oliver's grasp. He wiped his eyes before slipping out from underneath Olivers arm. He got off the trampoline carefully, trying not to wake his sleeping buddy. Oliver rolled into the middle of the trampoline before turning back over and cuddling a pillow. Alex picked his shoes up from the damp grass and started walking down the driveway.


  1. A good beginning. Gets my interest.

    word verification: uncurse

  2. very nice i look forward to seeing more Love<~Peter~>

  3. I got the link from Peter - on a trampoline? Hmmn that must be a bit like doing it on a waterbed (that is if they do). Never done either.

    When do we get the next bit of the story?


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