Friday, September 10, 2010

People/Things That Annoy Me - Part 2

UQ union elections, 4 ply toilet paper, people that borrow my towel without asking and use it for their new puppy dog, there by ruining my towel which they didnt ask for in the first place GRRRR, People that walk slow or stop on the footpath in front of you. Guys with ambiguous haircuts that make me question their sexuality, People that leave their washing in the machine for days before actually hanging it up, Ore minerology and mine surveying, People that play with the food while i'm trying to cook, Salt and vinegar chips, Being a poor uni student, not being completely out, Not owning any aussieBums, skinny jeans (mainly because i dont think i can wear them), Running out of toilet paper, Fuel prices, Crabby bus drivers, Bogans on trains, My friend for getting me started on this stupid facebook game, Not knowing if that hot guy is gay, My inability to dance, Anyone who uses the toilets in Hawken building (I dont know how engineers are so bad at aiming, it's disgusting), The power cord of my laptop which isnt working properly anymore, xenophobes, being tired, people that dont indicate when they change lanes or are turning, etc


  1. ll is this going to be a on going things this time i am only guilty of one yay! Love<~Peter~.

  2. aahaha you're describing my housemates with so many of these

  3. Are we going to have a Things which Please Me soon?


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