Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why I Hate Student Politics

Anyone that follows me on twitter probably realised how much i got into the recent australian election. However, the same can not be said for student politics. Student union politics has to be the most annoying thing ever. They hassle you for two weeks straight and you dont see them for the rest of the year. Union politics at my uni are full of dirty tricks too. So much so that one party tried not to even have an elction this year. Lately we've been getting fliers from one of the parties which are quite obviously fake. Well i hope people that go to my uni are smart enough to realise that they're fake. Here's the one we got today.

Top reasons to vote CHANGE
Your Active, Progressive Voice

CHANGE Carparks into Greenspace
With pedestrian paths, cycle links and frequent bus services, those who continue to indulgently drive to UQ are sheer environmental vandals who must CHANGE their reckless ways. CHANGE will stop the new multi-level car park and convert existing parking into green space including a communal fruit and vegetable garden. Our riverside campus should be lined by trees, not by cars.

Gender Equality with CHANGE to Female Urinals
Change believes that sexual equality requires women to have the right to pee standing without making contact with the germ-laden surface. To eliminate this patriarchial discrimination CHANGE will install female urinals so that women can equally enjoy "touch-free" urination. Plus the CHANGE to female urinals results in dramatic reductions in water and toilet paper which is good for our environment.

9PM Campus Shutdown and Ban Bundy Rum
Encouraging students to remain on campus after dark when their safety is not guaranteed is irresponsibly exposing women to the risk of sexual assualt. CHANGE will implement a 9pm campus-wide shutdown, including the Red Room, all libraries and all computer labs. CHANGE will take further steps to protect women from aggressive intoxicated yobbo men by banning Bundy Rum from the Red Room and CHANGING to Passion Pop on tap.

Compulsory $250 Union Fee
CHANGE supports the Gillard Government plan to charge all students a compulsory $250 union fee and a CHANGE back to the practice of withholding the results of students who do not pay the $250 fee. This $250 fee will deliver the revenue to required to CHANGE the UQ union into a strong activist and political voice

Now there are two main parties involved in this election. They are CHANGE and FRESH. Now both parties claim to be non political and bipartisan but Fresh is aligned with the liberal party and Change is aligned with the labor party. Fresh is the party currently in charge of the union and i assume that they put out this flyer amongst others i have recieved. Student union politics are completely stupid at my uni, So stupid that they actually have to pay people to vote. Frankly i couldnt care which non-political political party decides which food franchise we get on campus next. I could go on about everything that is wrong with student politics at my uni forever.

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