Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things/People that annoy me

people that dont close the microwave door after they use it, those two girls in my lectures, redheads (even though i am one), people that buy vitamin water, plastic cheese, people that dont wrap the cheese properly when the put it in the fridge, people that can't grate or cut cheese properly ITS NOT THAT HARD, people that leave their dirty clothes all over MY bathroom floor, uni, lecturers who cancel lectures at short notice, lecturers that suck at teaching, prac reports, people that have three hot meals a day, people that dont take rubbish out, people that leave their dirty clothes all over the house, people that dont pick up dog shit, uni, people that want australia to have a 2 party political system and dont understand the basics of preferential voting, idiots, UQ union elections, dirty perves on msn, no dirty perves on msn when i want there to be, my complete lack of fashion sense, ore minerology, a lack of forks, lines at the refec, food at the refec, people making out in the great court, being single, the air conditioner in this library, hot guys at uni, not finding anything on the internet to help with my prorastination, facebook games, not being able to dance well, acne, bacne, exes who dont seem to understand that they are an ex for a reason, not drinking more often, not being more social, Bob Katter, Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, bigots, rascists, not knowing the name of that song, etc


  1. Let me know when your at the refect so I can try to avoid you when i buy my Vitamin water :-{ lol.

    We used to get 3 hot meals a day when i lived on campus.

    I'm surprised u didn't have "slow walking people" on your list. Thats my biggest annoyance at uni i think.

  2. yay i didnt make the list....

    2 hours later /edit peter lol Love<~peter~>

    p.s.s not being able to type with my thumbs should be added i cut it owwwww

  3. Er, deff agree about most but have no experience of your refectory, obv.


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