Saturday, December 19, 2009

Being Lead On

So this happened to me a while ago but I decided to mention it because of recent developments.
Now i'm sure everyone has been lead on or lead people on. I'm probably guilty of leading people on myself. But what annoys me is those attention hunting whores who string people along on purpose, for fun. Playing and toying with people's hearts. They're bastards.

So a while ago this guy called DJ was trying to talk to me online. I turned him down for a couple of weeks due to things/people in my life. Anyway, I eventually decided to give him a go. He was really nice and charming and interesting and I was infatuated with him after not long. So we talked a fair bit about lots of things. Mainly to do with him because I seemed to have to drive the conversation. He was very charming and we talked about dating and lots of other stuff and we set up a time to see each other. I was really looking forward to our date but he cancelled on me (my general rule is you only get to stand me up once. If you stand me up a second time i'm going to move on). Apparently he was sick so I forgave him. We talked later that day. The same time our cancelled date would have been. He was still very charming and nice. Although I did say if you dont want to meet me just tell me and i'll leave you alone. To which he replied I didn't say i wanted to meet you I said I wanted to date you. Charming right.

Anyway we organised another date for the day after my exams finished. I couldn't wait for it and he knew given that my msn screenname was "I cant wait for the ......."
So we kept talking but he was really busy with work so we didn't talk for about a week before our planned date. I sent him many messages and and even an email or two but got no replies. So I finished all my exams and the day of our date came. And I sat at home waiting to hear from him. NOTHING. I was ready to rip him a new arsehole. I didn't hear from until about 2 o'clock that day, when he was online on facebook. GAHH. I was so angry and I let him know. He had excuses though and I kinda forgave him a bit.

Sidenote: I had told some of my internet friends about DJ. My friend whom I shall call princess (more about him later) had warned me about him almost immediately, even though he (princess)lives in Melbourne which is thousands of kilometers away. In hindsight I probably should have listened to him. DJ had also added one of my other friends on msn a little while after we started talking. My friend, whom shall henceforth be known as PhD, had let DJ know that he knew me from the beginning. My other internet friend that plays a part in this story shall be known as Bronco. He doesn't come into this story till later on.

So DJ had excuses and I forgave him a bit, stupid in hindsight. So I continued to start conversations with DJ but they were kinda awkward. After a while I got annoyed with it and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't start conversations with any guys. If they started them I would, of course, talk but I wouldn't be the persuer.
So the last time I talked to him was in late november. We talked about his work and if he was having fun on the coast (where he was working) and some other stuff. But then I got annoyed with him and stopped starting conversations.


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