Monday, June 7, 2010

My mouth tastes like purple



i'm in full on procrastination mode right now but i've kind of run out of things to do, hence why i'm writing this post. For some reason the internet at uni get slow around lunch time. I'm not sure why but it makes trying to watch youtube annoying. So i've watched some youtube. I've read news stories on the net. I've checked facebook. I've checked my formspring. I've checked my blog stats. I've checked my facebook. I've stalked people on twitter. I've checked my blog stats. I've watched more youtube. Do you see why i'm running out of things to do that doesnt involve study. I am at uni, sitting in the library next to a window. Looking out at the fourth floor of the engineering building. I never see anyone on the fourth floor of the engineering building. I am at uni, because i figure it's better to do nothing at uni than doing nothing at home. I really have no drive to study at the moment. Also my back is killing me and that's not helping at all. Wow, there's someone on the fourth floor of the engineering building. It's a little weird.

I've become a facebook stalker. It's terrible. This is going to sound really bad but i kind of found out the name of the cute guy in my class through facebook. I was very lucky but his profile is on private so i know his name and thats about it. Turns out he went to school with my first "boyfriend" (not sure why i wrote boyfriend like that but i seems appropriate) So i may have somehow bought up cute guy when i was talking to my first bf. He thinks he's gay but he doesnt know for sure. Apparently cute guy plays soccer, hence the well developed legs and the fact that they're shaved. We both agree that he has an amazing arse and my first bf said if i ever get a shot at it i have to let him join in. I believe his exact words were i would love to fuck his arse. He's kinda a slut (hello pot, meet kettle :P).

God my back is killing me.


not sure what i was talking about, or where i was going with this

I was thinking about starting a twitter but i dont know, i already waste enough time. Also i dont have a fancy phone. My phone is pre-paid and cost $59 because i only had $60 in my bank account when i bought it so i dont think you can even connect to the net with it.

uni is so different during SWOTVAC. Even though there are still a fair few people here it's weirdly quiet. Also i went to the lolly shop today and saw the cute guy that works there. They have these awesome sour watermelon things. So good.

Well i've successfully wasted your time and some of mine. If you want to help me procrastinate leave a comment or ask me a question on my formspring page or something. I will get to some study today (eventually). Bonus points if you can tell me where the title comes from.


  1. 30 Rock, when Donaghy's in the hospital... (I used google, I cheated)

    Also, twitter sounds pointless... I know I'd waste so much time if I opened one so I just keep away from it :P

  2. My mouth tastes like yellow.


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