Friday, June 4, 2010

*Insert theme to Jaws*

I feel like i'm in the middle of the ocean just waiting to drown.

That's what my friend said about exams today and it pretty much sums up how i feel. I've all but resigned myself to failure. I feel like i have to just sit here and wait for my exams to come and there's nothing i can do to stop them, like some deep sea monster coming to eat me. It's been a shitty couple of days and i dont really see it changing. I have so much study to do and it's just not happening like i want it to. My study plan, while good in theory may not be the most practical thing. I feel like i'm banging my head against a wall. Next week is SWOTVAC so i guess i'll be able to catch up a little but i'm going to have to change my approach and i dont see things going well for me. Also i'm finding my brother and his girlfriend so annoying at the moment it's not funny.

I hope you're doing better than me

P.S. Go Sam Stosur


  1. hey cutie...sorry to hear things aren't going that well with school. not sure what else to say except that i love reading your blog. you seem like a really cool guy and i wish i could meet you someday...though that's kinda silly cause i'm in the united states and well, you're there 'down under'. a guy can dream i guess...

  2. Just getting done with exams so here's something tht u shdu kno...NEVER FEEL LIKE GIVING UP!!

    Yea...even i felt like banging by head fr nt studying frm the start and finding the course so piled i managed somehow! Giving up is nvr an option!

    Best of Luck fr ur xams, bro!

  3. A couple of suggestions:

    Prioritize: concentrate on the most important things, especially the important things you're unsure of. And don't get so hung up on the first thing that you don't have time for the other big items that you need to review. Once you've got the basics reasonably clear, you can go on to other things, if you have time available.

    Rest: don't stay up all night or nearly. Above all, get a good night's sleep the night before an exam. Your brain won't work well for you if you're sleep-deprived. And even when studying, if you're too tired, you won't learn as well as when you're alert.

  4. i just hve issues with sitting for hours on end doing previous years' exams and studying. (@.@)
    sadly, i feel the same way as u - falling into an endless sinkhole tho? (too dramatic? lol)
    dont hve many tips, but sleep and eating well reaaally helps me out (^.^)
    grab some inspiration from friends around u, and im sure u will do ur best. best of luck! (^.^)


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