Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sick, Self-Loathing


So i went to the doctor today and i have tonsillitus. I'm also having problems with my wisdom teeth which freaking hurts. I'm hoping the medication for my tonsillitus helps with my wisdom tooth. And i'm hoping i'm all better by my exams. So i'm on medication for my tonsilitus and i'm taking panadol and i'm quickly working my way through throat lozenges. The doctor said i should eat healthy and maybe take some vitamin C. So i'm going to kind of listen to her and drink lots of citrus juice. I'm currently lying in bed with a massive headache so i'm probably going to go pop some more pills. I saw my friends at uni today and mentioned my sore throat. One of them was like "you know what's good for a sore throat, deepthroating" and i was like that's probably what causes it. And my friends laughed, if only they knew the truth. I'm not sure if i'll stay home tomorrow but if i do go to uni i may go a la rachel berry. Me being sick doesnt help with my study either, it hurts when i swallow (I could make jokes here :P)

I would also like to say that i have become self-loathing.
Yes, it's true, I hate my own kind.
Its developed over the past few weeks and i'd like to think it's not without reason. For some reason they just annoy the shit out of me. Yes, over the past few weeks i've developed a severe dislike for redheads. And here's why. There's this girl in one of my classes. She reminds me of princess fiona from shrek, as an ogre. And she comes across a so pretentious. She asks these stupid questions in class and the other week me and my friends were at the refec and she was at a table near us talking on her phone. And her conversation was just so stupid. Amongst other things, she was like, "i'm not feeling well because i didnt have breakfast and i'm pre-menstrual".
Her conversation was loud but it wasnt quiet either. I didnt say anything to my friends cause i wasnt sure if i'd heard correctly. As we were leaving one of my friends brought it up. I was like i didnt say anything because i thought i'd hadn't heard her properly. And why would you say that to someone. Just so stupid.
Also in the same class there was this red haired guy practically dry humping his girlfriend in the row in front of us. And we were sitting pretty close to the front. I'm pretty sure he wasnt even in our class. I just dont get people that do that in lectures.
Also one of the transit officers called me ginger the other day which didnt overly please me.
And a redhead girl in the library gave me a deathstare yesterday for no apparent reason.

So there it is. I have become a self-loathing redhead.

That's all for now, I should probably try and get some rest.

P.S. Welcome back ethan, I hope things start to look up for you.
P.P.S I may or may not have joined twitter in an effort to increase procrastination. I dont think it's as bad as making youtube videos, I've thought about doing that.


  1. I'll have to post this anonymously 'cause I don't have any of those accounts,
    You shouldn't tar yourself with the same brush as the people you mentioned, They may be jerks, but that is not a function of hair colour.

  2. LOL at those stupid redheads.

    It used to be standard operating procedure to remove tonsils and wisdom teeth at the first sign of trouble. Apparently that's no longer the case. So I hope the non-surgical treatment works.

  3. i'm not sure if anything i can say will cheer you up, especially since you aren't feeling well anyways, but i think everyone's differences is what makes us attractive to many but perhaps not all. case in point. while in high school, i felt only the blonde guys go the hottest boyfriends. then i met a blonde guy who wished he had dark hair. he thought all the dark haired guys got the cutest boyfriends. then i met an uncut guy who wished he was cut because he believed many cute guys only like cut guys. i could go on, but i think you're catching my drift of where i'm going with this. so let me be one who tells you what i think... i friggin love red heads! i find red heads sexy as hell. they have such a unique look, usually fiercely independent, smokin bods and from what i know from friends who are red heads, alot of fun to get with. so while you may think you're not all that, there are some who think you indeed are. probably hard to believe because you're currently single, sick and having to study for exams, but it's true! i hope a different perspective brings a sparkle in your eye and a skip in your step... (that was kinda korny...sorry) i do hope you get to feeling better soon... being sick just sucks!

  4. @Naturgesetz
    The last time i went to the dentist they talked about taking them out but they decided to wait a little longer. I'll go back to the dentist after exams and they'll probably organise to take them out then. If i havent done it myself first. As for the tonsils this is the first real problem i've had with them so i'm hoping the medication works. If i have problems again they might take them out.

    I'm guessing you're two different people but i could be wrong. Thanks for your comments. The redhead thing was a little bit of a joke but somewhat serious at the same time. And thanks to the second anon for your really nice (and a little bit corny) comment. I dont really look after my body too much but there are so many things i would change if i could.

  5. Two different guys indeed. It was your American stalker buddy who left the korny message. But I did accomplish my goal.. i think you smile when you read it...ha!


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