Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Milestone

So this is my hundredth post. I'm a little suprised given how little happens in my life (i think writing about eurovision is the start of my downhill slide). So i figure i should do something a little special for my hundredth post. I was going to do facts about me but i dont think i could even get 50 let alone 100. So i've decided to do a hundred things in my room. I'm going to try and stay away from some obvious things, but you'll know i'm struggling if i start counting individual pens to my list (i probably have a hundred pens in my room anyway). Also i'm cleaning my room while i write this so dont be suprised if the list lacks some sort of cohesive order.

1) Curtains. Now i know i said i'd stay away from obvious things but i'm going to put this on the list anyway. Mainly because my bedroom doesnt have a door. It has a curtain hanging in the doorway and it's not really the best option for privacy (it's a shear curtain) But it's better than nothing.
2) Australian flag cape thanks to Tooheys New
3) Whiteboard
4) Wall Calendar (#3 & 4 are meant to help me be organised)
5) Giant Poker chip (it's yellow and worth $500. It's made out of foam and i got it from the EKKA)
6) Giant red fluffy dice (also from the EKKA, what can i say, I was good at that game)
7) The Behaviour and Design of Steel Structures to AS4100 (3rd edition)
8) Soil Mechanics and Foundations (2nd edition)
9) Calculus (6th edition)
10) Reinforced Concrete Basics : Analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures
11) Thermodynamics : An engineering approach (6th edition)
12) Mechanics of Materials (7th edition)
13) Engineering Fluid Mechanics (9th edition) (In case you didnt realise items 7 to 13 are textbooks)
14) Childhood money box, currently holding 17 cents in 1 and 2 cent pieces
15) Moneybox, I actually use this one atm so i'm not sure how much is in there. It depicts the building of the ANZ headquaters in Melbourne (and i'm not even with ANZ)
16) Mouthguard, from my AFL days
17) Tape Measure
18) Swiss Army Knife
19) Mobile Phone stand ( a christmas gift from a family friend, you can put a picture in it too)
20) All 7 Harry Potter Books (none of this vampire shit :P)
21) Stress ball in the shape of a lego block
22) Stress ball in the shape of a hard hat
23) Stress ball in the shape of a construction cone
24) Stress ball in the shape of a football
25) Queensland Pride magazine, which i picked up for free from uni
26) Grass (yellow plastic) Skirt
27) Lai with shot glass attached
28) A sketch i did in 2005, It's a bit dusty and dirty because it's just been lying around. It's on a canvas though.

29) Beanie from my time at the AIS
30) Coffee Cup that i got from my highschool
31) Halogen Lamp (the light in my room is up to shit)
32) The first 3 seasons of 30 Rock on DVD
33) I'm not sure of its actual name but i got this thing from japan. It's like a head and you're meant to put a dot in it's eye (it represents a goal) and when you complete the goal you colour the rest of the eye in. I use it as a paper weight sometimes.
34) Travel Scrabble (even though it's impossible to play while traveling)
35) The Kabuki Bookmarks, also from japan. They're really nice too.
36) Don't tell mum i work on the oil rigs, She thinks i'm a piano player in a whorehouse. This is Paul Carter's autobiography and it's a brilliant book. I should read it again.
37) Punishment (Anne Holt)
38) The Storm Prophet (Hector Macdonald)
39) The Charlemagne Pursuit (Steve Berry)
40) The Secret Cardinal (Tom Grace)
41) The Last Assassin (Barry Eisler)
42) The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) This one was a gift, I probably wouldn't have bought it.
43) Christopher's Ghosts (Charles McCarry) I really dislike the ending to this book.
44) Uncollected (Paul Jennings)
45) The Arthur Triology by Kevin Crossley-Holland
46) Mortal Engines (Philip Reeve)
47) Books By Daniel Silva, I currently have 7
48) Batman Alarm Clock. My sister gave this to me the other week because she wanted to get rid of it. I need to buy batteries for it.
49) My old school Sony clock radio. It's pretty good
50) Soap on a Rope. I won this playing Golf a while back, hence why it's in the shape of a golfball. I cant bring myself to use it.
51) Red Glitter
52) 3D Glasses
53) Keyrings. I have so many keyrings it is not funny. I think i have 13+ different keyrings. It's quite a collection.
54) Layards. I have a lot of lanyards too. I dont know where they all came from. Well i do but i dont know why i still have them, sentimental reasons i guess.
55) The Chasers War on Everything DVD, episode 1 to 13 of season 1
56) Napolean Dynamite
57) Ace Ventura Pet Detective
58) Ace Ventura When Nature Calls
59) Shaun of the Dead
60) Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers box set
61) IronMan
62) Stewie Griffin : The Untold Story
63) Batman Begins
64) The Dark Knight
65) Bad Ass Comedy Pack (pineapple express, superbad, step brothers)
66) Hot Fuzz
67) Pineapple Express (yes i have 2 copies, no i dont like it that much)
68) Semi-pro
69) Blades of Glory
70) Burn After Reading
71) Idiocracy
72) The House Bunny
73) Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels
74) Borat
75) Bad Santa
76) Dodgeball
77) Psycho (the hitchcock one)
78) Sunscreen (handily attached to a dog clip)
79) First Aid Kit (also handily attached to a dog clip, it's a small first aid kit)
80) Card and Dice Games (N.A.C. Bathe)
81) A tap (that's right, just a tap. It's not attached to the wall or anything. It's just a tap currently sitting on the end of my bed. It's not usually in my room.)
82) Butter Menthols
83) My old jogproof CD walkman
84) My friends tennis racquet.
85) Paintings. I have two paintings in my room that i did recently. I'm not going to show them though because they didnt turn out like i wanted.
86) Paint ( i only have the basic colours)
87) Paint brushes. I have 4 different ones
88) 1 Blank canvas (it's not a big one though).
89) German notes (my mum gave me these today. I guess i'll try and start learning german after my exams)
90) Old Birthday/Christmas cards (can you tell i'm starting to struggle).
91) The invitation to my senior formal
92) Post-it-notes, a lot of post it notes
93) Pedestal Fan
94) My old mp3 player
95) My watch (which i always forget to put on)
96) Pens, I have over 40 different ones
97) So Fresh ; the hits of summer 2007 plus the best of 2006 (disc one). I never really bought CD's
98) Adult stuff ;)
99) Free Diary from uni, which i always get with the intention of using but it never happens.
100) HOT NAKED MEN(I wish)
100) Photos of me. I have 6 photos and all of them were taken on the night of my formal.

So there it is, my hundredth post. A big thank you to all my followers and anyone that has read my blog. According to my analytics my blog has been viewed in over 43 countries (just over 40% of the views are from USA). I've also answered about 30 questions on formspring. I love answering questions (hint hint) so you can head over there and ask me some more if you want and read all my answers to the questions i've been asked so far.
A couple of things that i learnt while writing this post. I'm a little disappointed in the books i have given how much i love reading. I wish i had more and i wish i had more of my favourites there. I do have some more books but i would really like a whole library (sort of). The same deal with my dvd's too. I love movies. Also i guess i unofficially collect keyrings even though i dont buy any.
As always i welcome any comments or suggestions you have. I hope everyone is good and i hope i didn't annoy anyone too much with my talking about eurovision. I think i might have.

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