Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bigger than the money

I stayed home from uni today because i'm pretty sure i have the flu. My brother is being a massive bitch. My mum is worried about me and i'm pretty sure i'm going to fail all of my exams.

And now to reply to a comment on my last post. Manhunt is scary. And gay people wonder why they get stereotyped as sluts. I've had so many offers for sex it's not funny. However i'm respecting myself and i've decided to block the guys that just want sex. Hopefully i'll come across some guys that dont imediately talk about sex. I know manhunt isnt the ideal place to meet friends but i know there are some good guys out there and it's all i can deal with at the moment


  1. tommy, have u thought about trying oasis active instead?

  2. Being home with the flu at least gives you a bit more time to study for the exams.

    Good luck.


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