Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dont read this, it's not worth your time

So i'm currently sitting in my geotech lecture waiting for it to start. Right at the back so i can escape if i get too bored but i'm going to try and sit through the whole two hour lecture. I figure i should do a whole lecture before the end of semester. So Queensland won last night. Like we knew they would. Game 2 is in three weeks and will be in brissie so hopefully they can wrap up the series. I wont be going to the game because tickets sell out in like half an hour or something ridiculous. I'm going to be playing tennis tomorrow with some friends from uni. Apparently court hire is free for a couple of hours or something. It's been ages since i've played tennis. I dont even have my tennis racquet in brisbane so i guess i'll have to hire one. I've found a great new way to procrastinate. There's this game called qilox. It kinda reminds me of pacman, i'm not sure why. Everyone should play it, it's a little addictive. We're 15 minutes in and we still havent started the lecture. We're filling out TEVAL's but i havent really been to enough lectures so i'm not going to do one.

So we're learning about landslides and stress in retaining walls. If i keep commenting on the lecture i'm pretty sure the only person that'll understand it is charlie. Although he's much smarter than me. So we're talking about water levels in soil and capillary forces and water pressure, etc. But be the great multi-tasker that i am, i just set a new high score on qilox.

Ok so this pretty attractive just walked in late and sat right next to me. I pretty sure he cant read this. Which is good cause i'd probably die if he did.

And now we're learning the bishop method. Seems interesting. Calculates the safety with the equilibrium of the moment and because Pi (that's P subscript i not 3.14) goes through the centre of the circle it doesnt contribute to the moment.

I have lots of study to do before my exams. And now it's time for a break. I really need to stop procrastinating. I'm pretty sure i procrastinate my procrastination. Thats how much i've been procrastinating lately. I've just been lacking a lot of focus.

I should probably go because my friend is heading my way. Sorry if you read this crap

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