Saturday, May 29, 2010

I could be having my stomach pumped at the moment : Eurovision part 2


A trio of women from croatia. They're just sitting on a park bench in their fancy dresses. What's with the short dresses with trains. Can you tell i know nothing about fashion. I'm really not sure if i like this song. And why did they have to bring out thiose back up dancers. and the wind machine is on again. WTF the dancers are throwing stuff at them. LOL, PhD just called them craotian milfs singing rock ballads (we're talking online).

And another female. This time from georgia. With shirtless male dancers. These ones dont look that good though. And they're wearing mascara for some odd reasaon. like lots of dark eye makeup.Wind machines and a money note and a key change all at once. And pyrotechnics. Thank god i'm not drinking.

Final song for the night from turkey. An emo rock band. Actually i think they're more goth. They've got some weird robot back-up dancer. A female robot apparently. Who is amputating her robot lobster arms with a grinder. I'm not joking. They've got pyrotechnics and everything. It was alright.

Lol. The host just said thank you churkey. I'll be alright as long as the netherlands or slovenia dont get through. They're recaping. I like lithuania. I've just realised the israel guy was showing some serious man cleavage. They must waste a lot of energy on that wind machine. Actually i dont like switzerland either. Swedens a maybe. I like this song from cyprus more now. Georgia was quite good too.

Omg they're doing a medley of the worst songs of eurovision. God some of them are bad. I'm liking armenia's song more and more and i dont think i want to. and i dont mind romania either. I really cant hear that song from the netherlangs again. I really dont like it. Hmmm the chick from azerbaijan is only 17. Countdown time. Voting is closed. Yayy. I'm really not that excited.

WTF is this. There's like some weird beiber-esque kid and all these people making weird noses. I'm so confused right now. And now they're hip hop dancing. W T F

And now they're talking to fans from australia. geez. The australian guy just called the netherlands song very special. LOL.

And now they're reading the results. Georgia makes it through. Ukraine gets through too. Gee they like to draw it out. Turkey. A little bit of a suprise. I guess they werent terrible. Israel makes it through :D . Ireland gets through. Not sure i would have picked them. Cyprus makes it through even though i dont think any of them are from cyprus. Azerbaijan gets through. Only three more countries get through. Romania. I like that song a bit. How the fuck did armenia get through. I really hope lithuania gets through. :( Denmark makes it through. Oh well i guess i'll have to watch the finals. Which i think is tomorrow night. I'm a little disappointed at the moment.

I think i might watch the movie that's on next. It's about bettie page.

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