Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need new friends

So today i felt as if i suffered a bit of a setback. Earlier this evening me and a few friends went and got some pizza from the pizza caffe at uni. We got to talking about politics (no one wants tony abbot to be prime minister) which lead us to talk about gay marriage. To cut a long story short two of my friends are very anti-gay. One more so than the other but it's still not good. They compared homosexuality to beastiality and peadophillia. I asked when they chose to be straight and on of them said i was born that way, normal. So they think it's unnatural which isnt great for me. One of them is all for gay marriage so thats alright but the other two arent. I guess i wont be coming out for a while yet.



  1. When someone says they didn't ever actually choose to be straight, that can be your chance to say maybe it's the same for gay guys — it's not something they choose, just something they become aware of.

    Good luck with your friends.

  2. Well, its your choice.

    But many people like your friends don't really know any out gay people. If you came out they might realise we are just a normal variation of humanity... rather than the monsters they envisage.

  3. Yeah, it doesn't make it easier to come out. But when you're ready don't let your friends' comments stop you. You will challenge all their beliefs and they may change their minds.


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