Saturday, May 29, 2010

If only i was drinking : Eurovision Part One

So welcome to another boring look at my boring life. As per usual i am sitting at home, alone on saturday night. Apparently my friends are all drunk at the moment, but i wouldnt know for sure seeing as i havent got replies to my texts. An invitation would have been nice even if i cant really go. I'm going to see my sister tomorrow and the rest of my family will be there so i have to leave pretty early in the morning.

So at the moment i am watching eurovision (semi final 2) and i'm incredibly bored so i'll probably just talk about that for a while (no iron chef this week either). I hate these hosts already. But julia zemiro is fun.

First up tonight is lithuania. They're playing air instruments. lol. Ok so the song is pretty good but their perfomance is pretty funny. And what the hell are they wearing. LOL. they just pulled off their pants and they are wearing silver hot pants. So funny

I should really do my eurovision drinking game from last week.

And here's armenia, making sure she's showing lots of cleavage. Pyrotechnics. And more pyrotechnics. I dont like this song. Who names a song apricot stone. And whats with that weird dancer. and more pyrotechnics. Geez her hair is long. And there's a money note and a key change. I could be totally smashed right now if i was doing that drinking game. Ahh the apricot is the national fruit of armenia. That makes a little sense then.

Israel, and the song is called words. He's pretty cute. For some reason that suprioses me. He's singing in hebrew and sounds pretty good. I cant understand any of it though. Money note. This guy is welcome in my bed anytime. and another money note. He was pretty good.

And now for denmark, apparently singing a break-up song. This song sounds really familiar. They sound pretty good. The guy reminds me of bon jovi. Actually he reminds me a little of the guy from aerosmith (who's name completely escapes me now). And there's a key change. I could be vomitting in the toilet by now. And a wind machine.

And now some guy from switzerland. He looks pretty gay. His haircut is similar to the cute guy in my structural lectures. Pyrotechnics again. I should say the cute guys hair is more longer and a little different but you get the idea. More pyrotechnics. Whats with those weird back up singers. And more pyrotechnics and a wind machine. And more pyrotechnics. That wasnt so great.

They're showing that israeli guy again. He's stunnning. And one of the lithunia guys is pretty hot too.

And now for sweden. She reminds me of taylor swift a little. That guitar looks huge. Where the fuck did the guitar go. It just disappeared. And now the wind machine is going and we get a key change. Is she wearing converse shoes. You think she'd get a little more dressed up. Ok so the song is pretty good.

And now for azerbaijan. WTF is she wearing. it's like a mini with a train or something. And she's got a glove, a la mj. Drip drop drip drop. The male dancer looks ok i guess. Wind machine, and she's on her knees. And her dress lights up.

Ukraine now. She's dot a hood on. She looks weird. And sounds pretty different. Crank up the wind machine. So i'm pretty sure her dress is see through. I actually dont mind this song. That was pretty tame for eurovision.

And now for the netherlands, with a song written by papa smurf. I'm not kidding you. Holy Shit. I dont even know how to describe this. I'm literally lost for words. If it ends up on youtube you have to watch it cause i dont know what to say. It kind of reminds me of the circus (even though i've never been)

And now back to the dodgy hosts. Lol. thanks norwegian josh thomas.

Dueling pianos with romania. The song is called playing with fire. So of course we start with pyrotechnics. They're not even proper pianos. I think i like this song, Should i be ashamed. What the hell are the backup singers wearing. That was a really high note. And there's the wind machine.

And now for slovenia with popular folk rock apparently. WTF!?! Its like they put 2 completely different songs together. They cant possibly get through. I dont think i've ever seen an electric guitar and an accordian played next to one another. The rock guy is channelling bon jovi a bit too.

Hmmm. Ireland with a previous winner. Apparently she's not feeling well. This chick is pretty good. The song is a little slow for me but it's still good.

Bulgaria now. i can tell this is going to be proper eurovision before it even starts. And i was right. He has angels. And buff male dancers. They look like they're wearing glad wrap. Ahh. White clothes and weird dancers. It's like textbook eurovision.

Cyprus. Jon lillygreen looks cute, and he's only 22. Although i still prefer israel. This song is nice. And there's a money note. Ok so the guy is actually welsh but he's singing for cyprus because of some rule they have.

I love this boost ad. Tickle me silly love biscuit.

I've just realised how long this post would be so i've decided to split it.

To be continued ...

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