Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So it's hot guy day at uni today. For some reason there always seems to be more hot guys on wednesdays, i dont know why. I had a structural lecture today. Had a quick look at the cute guy in my class. He had a haircut, but his hair still looks quite gay. And he was sitting with all those girls again. He has way to many female friends to be a straight engineering student (does that make me sound stalkerish). Still havent spoken to him and i dont really plan to. I have an assignment due at 4 this arvo which i had completely forgetten about and therefore havent started. It's a participation kinda thing so i'll chuck something together and hand it in.

Tonight is state of origin and we all know queensland will win, again. They're going for 5 straight series in a row which has never been done and lets face, NSW has nothing. Although they might be a dud or two in the maroons they're still going to beat the blues. On another note, former sexiest man in league matt ballin is making his debut for queensland tonight. So not only do we have the best team but we have the best looking team too. I'll probably be at home watching the game by myself (not in 3D either). I think my brother is going to his friends place and i have no idea what his gf is doing. So yeah. Guess i should start this assignment.

P.S. State of origin is rugby league and it's kinda a big deal

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