Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Sorry, I Really Am

I'm so fucking bored at the moment. And just so you know i'm telling the truth. It's currently 8.45 on saturday night and i'm watching a history of eurovision. A history of fucking eurovision. Where the fuck is my ironchef, it's like the only reason i watch sbs. Well that and the softcore porn (if you live in australia you'll know what i mean). Anyway, thats my little rant.

Ummm. I've decided i need to wank more because it will lessen my chances of making bad/rash decisions

I have to interupt this to say WHAT THE FUCK. They have Les Murray singing a song in italian. He's a fucking football (soccer) commentator. OK so he wasnt half bad but what the fuck is with this show. I want my iron chef. I like reading subtitles on a saturday night.

Sorry for the rant.
Ummm. More wanking.
My new housemate has already moved out

Oh. Eurovision drinking game
drink if the singer winks
drink if the singer drops to their knees
drink if the singer shows partial nudity (abs, lots of leg, etc)
drink if a wind machine is used
drink for a key change
skull for a money note (like the big long note)
skull for pyrotechnics
there were some others i missed

ok it's an ad break.
So i'm going to wank more
umm. back to 3 people living in my house
There's a guy that works at the engineering library that reminds me of norman bates. it's freaky.

I cant believe they have bjorn again on. Actually i'm pretty sure you can bet on eurovision. Apparently germany, armenia, slovakia and latvia are looking good

God some of these songs are crap. Although some pretty interesting stories. One portugese song in the 70's was used as a sign to start a political coup, apparently. And riverdance got big after being there.

Oh Adam Richard. Such a flaming queen. Still fun though. Hey Hey it's Slutterday

jesus christ. What was celine dion thinking. I dont know if its on youtube but go look at her perfomance. I dont know what to say

God eurovision is gay

god this song is bad (greece 2002)

Apparently a transexual from israel won one year. who knew

holy shit is that a man or a woman . what were you thinking serbia. I think it's a man

at least there are hot male dancers. I want the one on the end (the younger one).

I would sincerely like to apologise if you read this. I told you i was bored and you've just wasting your time reading this (but i did apologise in advance). At least if you get bored in a weeks time you'll have a drinking game, although you'll probably be drunk by the end of the first song

So the singer is actually from australia but she was singing for england back in the day

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  1. Just read your last two posts. Manhunt sounds scary. I don't think that I'd want to meet someone who wanted to pay me for sex. Have you talked to the cute guy with the great ass in your class?


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