Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photodissociation and Photoionization

Photoelectrochemical processes usually involve transforming light into other forms of energy. These processes apply to photochemistry, optically pumped lasers, sensitized solar cells, luminescence, and the effect of reversible change of color upon exposure to light.

The title of this post is taken from a book i am sitting next to in the library and the definition comes from wikipedia. I really know very little (none) about these two processes but i thought it was kinda interesting. Not exactly a light reading book.

So at the moment i am sitting in the library and the library is trying to give me frostbite. Seriously, i dont know what it is but the library is always freezing cold, even in summer. And we're coming into winter now which makes it even worse (although it's a really nice day today).

I know my last couple of posts have been boring but that's what you get when you have a boring life like me. Here are some little tidbits from my day

I got my first offer for money on manhunt since i signed back up. I politely declined. I'm a high class escort, for politicians and athletes :P

Some other guy wanted me to fuck him. I politely declined that offer too. Although being tall is good, apparently.

There's an attractive guy that works in the lolly shop at uni (just so you know)

I couldnt stop looking at the cute guy in my struct lecture today (i've talked about him before). I dont think i was too obvious and he was on the other side of the lecture hall. Although i did see him close up outside after the lecture. His arse looks phenomenal (i only looked briefly, i swear).

I'm beginning to like the drunken noodle at uni less and less. They stuffed up more order yet again. I'm pretty sure they've got it wrong more times than they've got it right. Although i did get a really nice chicken roll from there today so i might just go there for them from now on.

Me and my friend were listening to his ipod during our rather boring 2 hour lecture (the same one with the cute guy, who was in a yellow shirt today, so i sound more stalker like). Back to the ipod. Let's just say i havent heard S Club 7, Shania Twain, Beastie Boys, Aqua, Cher, Ace of Base or Status Quo for quite a while.I think we may have annoyed our third friend a bit.

I passed both my mid-semester tests with varying degrees of success. It doesnt make me any more confident with my finals though. What kind of idiot decides a final worth 70% is a good idea, let alone four around that same size.

For some reason this song was in my head all morning

I've also realised that i'm nearing my hundredth post so that'll be coming in the near future. I'll have to think of a good way to celebrate, something interesting to post anyway.

UMMM hope everything is well with you

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  1. I'm a high class escort, for politicians and athletes :P

    You are crazy LOL


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