Friday, April 30, 2010

its all over, for now

Lets start off with my thought of the year (i heard it somewhere but i cant remember where).

Those that mind, dont matter.
Those that matter, dont mind.

Can i just say, i'm so glad this week is over. I've spent far to much time at uni this week and all my mid-semester exams are finally over. Thank god. I've spent the past six hours at the uni pub and i've had a little bit to drink so i should sleep well. OK, i've had a fair bit to drink, but i can handle my liquor so i dont feel to bad. So i'll finally get a good nights sleep.

Hope everyone is alright. I really like answering questions so head over to my formspring thing (link on the side). Leave a comment if you want to or whatever.

P.S. Here's a video


  1. LOL at the video.

    Hope the exam results are good.

  2. That vid was super funny. I dunno way, but I really like her, as a comedian.



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