Saturday, April 17, 2010

Love Lost and others

So we're going to start off with a bit of a movie trailer. The movie is called Tomorrow, When The War Began. Now i'm excited for this movie because it is based on some of my favourite books of all time. Go read the whole series if you have the chance (i think there are 7 books) because they are brilliant. After reading these books i briefly entertained an idea of being a writer (i still kinda do). So i'm really hoping this movie is good and doesnt deviate from the book to much. The basic idea is a group of teenagers come back from a camping trip and find that australia has been invaded so they become guerilla soldiers. That really doesnt do the books justice because they are so much better than that. Anyways, here it is.

And now for some music. I couldnt get all the songs i wanted (friend in the field by art vs science) but i do like all of these songs. And yes i know some of them are a bit old. Some of them have really great film clips too.

And finally a clip from one of the greastest bands. Powderfinger announced there split recently and they are such a great band and from brissie too. Here is one of there recent songs.

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