Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Big Gay Easter

This post was originally going to be longer but i just couldnt be bothered. I think interesting is the right word to describe my weekend.

Well i guess it started when i came out to james. If you dont know what i'm talking about go read my last post. It's called parkinsons (i'd do an in-text reference but they never seem to work for me). So someone said my michael j fox joke wasnt funny. It wasn't really a joke. It was the only way i could describe myself at that point. I was shaking so much i was having trouble typing and i couldnt control it.

So i went to see my family on saturday. Hung out with my little brothers and just had fun. On sunday my mum had organised a family lunch and a family dinner. before lunch she called me into the laundry and asked if i was going to come out at lunch (she pretty much forced me out). Anyway. I said no, i'm not doing it with an audience. And she was like dont you want us all there to show them that we support you (them being my 2 little brothers) and i said no. So we had lunch and it went well. Later sunday afternoon my sister came to talk to me. She was like when are you coming out and i was like i dont know. And then she was like it's not right for us to have to keep this secret from them, you have to come out, It's why we're all here. I was like, first things first, we're here for easter not for me to come out. Secondly i didnt realise my sexuality was such a hotly discussed topic and my 2 little brothers talked about it often. Then i kinda just walked away. so we had our family dinner sunday night. My sister says our family is like the one on brothers and sisters. Apparently they just have big family meals and sit around and bicker. It does kinda sound like us.
Everyone had just gone to bed on sunday night so i got up and went into *little brother 1*'s room. I sat on his bed and i said i have something to tell you. I'm gay. And he was like no you're not. And i was like yes i am. And he was like what/how/when/etc. He also asked if i had a bf and who else knew. He was getting kinda loud and still didnt really believe me so i left and went back to bed. I could hear him in the hallway and my mum came out and she came to the doorway of my room and she was like why did you do it like that i organised two family meals so you could do it. And i was like i'm not doing it with a fucking audience now turn out the light i'm going to bed. And then my mum made my brother say he was alright with it. She's like that's all he needs to hear.

So i went to bed and didnt get a lot of sleep but whatever. I woke up monday morning and went to the loungeroom and little brother number 2 was there (he's only 12 no 11, hence the different tone with him). So i sat down on the couch next to him and i said *little brother 2* do you know what being gay is. And he said it's when boys like other boys. And i said *little brother 2* i'm gay, are you alright with it. And he said it was my choice. And i asked if he had any questions but he said no.

So later that morning my mumcalled me into a room and got up me. She wasnt happy with the way i came out and she was like you went in there shouting that it was ************** and ************* and spiteful (i cant remember the other two words but i definately remember spiteful. I was like there was nothing spiteful about it. I went in and sat on the bed and told him i was gay. He didnt believe me so i left. Athere was no shouting and nothing spiteful about it. And then she was like when are you going to tell *little brother 2* and i was like i told him this morning and the n she asked how he took it and then she started talking about her parenting and i just couldnt take it so i left. She was so annoying all weekend and i told her that. She was like what makes me annoying and i was like you know how some poeple are just annoying for no reason, well that's you. So i left early-ish monday morning and came back to brisbane.

So that was my big gay easter. Sorry it took so long to post, I hope it makes sense to you. I was definately an interesting weekend. Hope your easter was good. Comments/questions/etc as per usual.


  1. Little Brother 2 took it rather well compared to Little Brother 1.....but I guess he'll come around by the next time u hav a gathering!

    N yes....cmng out in front of an audience is just plain wrong..especially wen just one or two of them have been kept in the dark and they go like 'So u all knew and u never told me?!'

  2. Tommy, I agree that coming out is a personal decision and no one should tell you when or how to do it. Coming out is easier one-on-one, and to a group at Easter dinner is extremely difficult. I think that your mom was out of line, and if I knew her I'd tell her that.

  3. No comment about that

    Well it least your 2nd brother took it well I think the other one will take some time to get use to it (I really hope he does)

    take care

  4. Just saw a link on "Pardon My Schadenfreude."

    I think you were right to come out to you little brothers separately, in ways that were age-appropriate. Apparently your mum had it so settled in her mind that you'd need everybody else's support that she couldn't see any other way of handling it that the family dinner. Perhaps a bit of support could have helped with little brother 1, but they can still give the support. He needs time to process the surprise, but he'll probably be okay with it before long.

    And congrats on the good convo with James.

    All best wishes.


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