Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uni Sucks

Uni is so crappy at the moment and i'm over it. I have an assignment due wednesday, a test on thursday, and another 3 assignments on friday. GAHHH!!!

In other news i have old english cheese and pickles on my subway (i dont normally) and i liked it. Also i think i saw Ed, my fellow brisbane blogger, but i dont think he saw me. I've also taken to sketching people in my classes when i'm bored. Apparently i go alright.

I hope your day is going better than mine


  1. Ne chances we might get to see some of the sketches?

  2. dudeeeee! was it outside the newsagents? i walked past you (if that was you lol) thinking, holy crap that guys seems so familiar. *walks another 5 metres* oh shit! thats tommy! haha sorrryyyy

    haha im feeling ya too about the assessment, i pulled an all nighter on sunday/monday finishing a torts assignment that was due monday arvo. then i went to rugby training without sleep since saturday night hahaha. i was terrible to say the least hahaa. good luck with everything man :)

    oh add me on msn bro: thestrangereality(at)hotmail.com

    catchyas :) Ed x

  3. Reading blogs of university students reminds me how tough it is. Others post about their parties and drunken adventures, but you give a more realistic view. I hope that you get through all that you need to do, and that you do well.


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