Monday, February 15, 2010

Religious Epiphanies

First things first
Thank you to the people that sent me valentines cards. They made me smile so thank you.

So this past weekend i went back to visit the family. It was good. My sister was there whch suprised me. Saturday night i went to a bit of a party for my friends 20th. A couple of friends and i went to his families house and lots of his family was there then after a while we went to a pub in town. The bartender, who we know, found out is was my friends birthday and gave us some very generous drinks for him. The aim was to get him smashed. then we walked through the maccas drive through on our way to another pub that stays open later. This pub was dead and it just wasnt very fun. So we left the pub at 1am and got on the courtesy bus. Didn't getback to my friends place till 2. It was a pretty good night and it was good to see some of my friend again.

On sunday morning i went to church, kinda. So my littlest brother goes to a religious private school and this year he is a school captain. So on the sunday they had a bit of a ceremony for them and everything. Now my family is not really religious at all (i guess i would call myself agnostic). The last time i went to church would have ben nearly 12 yeas ago for my littlest brothes christening. I think i'm good for another twelve years. Now some of the points had merit but it was so over the top. Aparently i am a light and i need to shine brightly in the darkness for others like jesus. And all my sins hve been forgiven so thats good. My sister and my dad had a bit of a hard time controlling themselves.

So that was my weekend


  1. Interesting weekend. Going home again the first time after, is never an easy thing to do. How were your parents taking the whole thing?


  2. Many religions do seem strange if you look at them and their claims objectively, at least to me. Glad to hear that you got Valentine's Day cards.


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