Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's official

So i talked to phil last night. And i said someting about wanting a boyfriend. And he said he wanted a boyfriend. then he said i know you really like me, butyou d=just want to be friends y'know. I said i dont know if i really like you :P But i had knda hope you would like me but i knew it would't happen. And he said i'd still like to be friends with you. You're a pretty cool cat. And i said of course i still want to be friends wth you. And to be honest i'm kinda already getting over you.

So thats that. I have a new friends in phil. And hopefully someday soon i'll meet a great guy that'll sweep me off my feet and we'll fall in love (i dont see it happening though).

Thats all

P.S. I had sex last night *blush*
but i dont think you guys are interested in hearing about that (the again i could be wrong)


  1. aww
    im sry that phil didnt feel the same way for you that you did for him.
    but im glad you found the silver lining, and you realize that you have a new friend at least.

    and um...
    i think everyone who reads would like to hear maybe just a little about last night. lol

  2. Well you did gain a good friend if not more

    Yes I want to know about the sex

  3. If and only if you want to share about last night.

    I want to add that the romantic notion of meeting a guy who will "sweep me off my feet" isn't realistic. Don't hate me for that, I fell in love with my husband 18 years ago and it was a great time, but I wasn't swept off my feet. We talked, shared, laughed, but kept our feet on the ground. Well, except for when we were horizontal ;-)


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