Sunday, February 7, 2010


So i've been thinking about this for a while. And while i dont see it happenning any time soon i figure i should be getting prepared for it. So i've never been a bottom before and i'm just wondering. How do you prepare for? What's the best position for your first time? How fast or slow do you go?

There's so much i dont know and any help you can give would be appreciated.


  1. ehhem. oh dear. enema is a good idea. PRACTICE on yourself first b4 u even go there. and, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN :)

  2. Ummm, yeah, right...

    So far as preparation goes, just make sure you're cleaned out, i.e. you've emptied your bowels. Some people douche beforehand, I don't and it rarely causes a problem. Another reason to use condoms.

    The golden rule is to take it nice and slow. I prefer doggy style to start with, bent right over with legs wide apart. The top should only go as quickly as the bottom is comfortable with. That can involve considerable restraint on the top's behalf. Most people like a bit of fingering first to help loosen up. Plenty of lube is important, too.

    Finally, learning to be able to relax the sphincter is the key. The natural tendency is to tighten up as something enters, but you just have to let go and relax. That's what makes it possible to enjoy it properly. A little bit of pain is inevitable at first, but if you can relax into it, it is all OK.

  3. From experience, can´t really tell you much about it, but if I ever were to bottom first thing I would do is find a person I feel confident enough to let him do me, yeah, find the right person would be paramount.

    Besides that I completely agree with what Billy said, top must be patient and considerate enough if it´s your first time, it can be frustrating believe me, but ofter that it gets better, oh and I found this place a while ago that might help a bit.
    Hope you enjoy it.


  4. As apparently the only confirmed bottom to answer your question so far, I advise practice, starting now if you are thinking about doing it sometime in the future - better to start early. I recommend getting a dildo or butt plug, or better, a series of dildos of increasing size. Lube the dildo and yourself up, and it's best if you're already erect and looking at something to keep you excited. Playing with your anus first also helps it relax. A finger is a nice start. Once that is comfortable, you can use a smaller, thinner dildo, Move it around too, and try to find your prostate. When you're erect, pressure or massage of your prostate feels good. As you get more comfortable, you can move on to a larger dildo.

    Of course, take things slowly. Don't be discouraged if the first time doesn't feel good - it often feels weird at first. The first time can hurt, too, but it does get much better with practice.

    Safe sex is by far the most important consideration. Condoms do break, and I've had a few break myself, but luckily that only happened with my husband when we first got together. So unless you know the guy and feel that he is very low risk, you are taking a risk, one that is much, much higher for bottoms.

    I realize that this sound clinical, but it can be great. If you have any questions, email me. Nothing like a bottom to teach you how to take it, lol.

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