Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let me live vicariously

So this is my very small update on phil and my life.

So phil came over the other night and i'm 99.99% sure that we're just going to be friends. We had fun but nothing happened. We watched our movies, he taught me to knit and we just hung out. He met my brother briefly and my brother seemed to like him. Apparently Phil reminded my brother of clark kent. My brother also asked me, ever so politely, "did you get some?". No i didn't get anything.
I've decided to talk to phil a bit less, instead of pretty much everynight. I thought of trying to make him jealous but i dont think it would work.

In other news:
I had a rather awkward conversaion with my brothers girlfriend yesterday. It was about my sexuality. We've never really talked about it before and it was just weird. I know she was trying to be nice but i dont feel that comfortable with her. Also we were watching So You Think You Can Dance Australia last night. It was her choice not mine (i told her as soon as i heard the word journey i was changing the channel). Then she asked me if any of my friends liked the show ( i knew she meant my gay friends. I dont have that many). I was like i dont know. And then she was like i reckon they would (mmmmm stereotypes). I didn't say anything.

Also, Big news.
I bought my frst ever pair of skinny jeans yesterday. This is kinda a big deal. I always said i would never wear skinny jeans but now i own a pair. They're just a plain black pair so i hope they look alright on me. I think i need to get used to them. I wont be wearing them to uni though. I also bought a new shirt and some new undies. I dont want to sound up myself but i tihnk the undies look pretty good on me.

One last thing.
A big big shoutout to my stalker charlie. There's a link to his blog on the side. I wont say too much but we have some freaky coincidences in our lives. Cool Charlie may also be able to tell you if my new undies look good on me, or maybe not. He's such a closet size queen :P (you should know i'm joking aout charlie. He's really nice and not at all weird)


  1. Ok... I just keep saying to myself... Clark Kent... Clark Kent... and for the record... I think Clark Kent... I mean Phil will come round in time... he just seems as if he is one not to be rushed...

    To get Phil jealous... which is not a strategy I think will work... you need to let him know you're seeing someone else... Babe.

    And yes! you will wear them to class...and I have no idea what a closet size queen is?... Is that a joke about my height and it is true... a few of T's friend's are mine... I would call it scary, not freaky...

    Finally, stalker!... ha... you could be so lucky!

    Love CC

  2. Your mom's comment was hilarious! But it shows that she's comfortable with your being gay and sexually active. If you had said yes she might have given you a safe sex lecture.

    I'm frustrated with jeans lately. Skinny is fine since I'm lean (not skinny!), but why are they cut so low? I keep trying to pull them up, only to have the crotch seam cut into my nuts. (TMI?) I've worn the same size jeans since college over 20 years ago but had to give them up because the cut has changed so much that they practically fall off now. Sorry, I'll get off my jeans soapbox now.

    Phil might just be a friend, or he might not be ready to move into a relationship as quickly as you are. Either way, if you have fun with him and like him don't pull away too far.

  3. I am not sure of the skinny jeans attraction? I guess I am a regular Levis guy. As to Phil, there must be other guys around you that you can date. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

    Does your whole family know you are gay,a nd how are they with it.


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