Monday, February 1, 2010


So phil is coming over to my house for our movie marathon tomorrow. And i'd just like to share this excerpt from our conversation tonight.

Tommy says:
but i hate to say this
but i kinda get mixed signals from you
maybe its cause i cant read signals
Phil says:
Maybe that's it xD.
Tommy says:
well you could clear it up for me
just so i know
Phil says:
I don't know, hey.
Let's just not define it by anything =]
Tommy says:
well just so you know
i'm fine if you just want to be friends
i'm also fine if you want more
i kinda just wish i knew how you felt
Phil says:
You and me both, buddy.
Tommy says:
i kinda feel silly for bringing it up now
Phil says:
Haha, don't feel silly.
Silliness is overrated.

So that doesn't really clear things up. Maybe he's like DJ. I hope he isn't though.

Also my boss is a bit of a bastard and he's making me start work early and finish late because i'm taking a day off.

And i love ross noble by the way. He's so funny.I'm only mentioning it because he's on tv at the moment

Also have a bit of a dilemma. My sister added me as a friend on facebook. And i dot now if i should accept. I donthave any of my family on there. But maybe i should accept. The thing i worry about is that she'll find the few gay friends i have on there and then she'll tell my mum. And yeah. She'll know what 'm doing and what not.

Should i add her??
P.S. I have 25 followers now. YAY!! thanks every one


  1. You're over thinking again... I'll just say; he is coming to movie marathon... so what does that tell you... just love the moment and enjoy his company and the movies and don't try for clarification...

    You're boss is punishing you being a love sick puppy at work and for wasting your free time talking to losers on line... lol gee i wonder who that could be... :P

    But to my main point... T don't add your sister... this would be bad... you don't know the half of it... yes adding T would be bad... this is a; been there; done that, type warning...

    Love CC xx

    P.S. When did you find time to blog... loser... now I feel guilty for not writing on mine... love ya babe...

  2. I agree with not adding your sister or any family member. Been there did that. The gay guys shocked the others, the straights pissed off the gay guys, I had to end the whole thing.

    As to your movie night. Go with the flow, and maybe things will turn out as you want.

    Good luck, and best wishes,

  3. yeah don't
    I wish I had people who didn't know I was gay on my FB b/c I can't just say how I feel at times and wish I could

  4. Having the same problem right know... I have been thinking of the solution... because I think having T on your Face Book may have an upside too.

    So set up two Face Books... which is no less than the multiple emails, bogs and identities etc. we find we keep in the cyber world.
    You never know it may lead to a third one where friends on the other two can be moved to in time...

    I realise this requires more thought and lots of effort. So I would really like the view of your followers on this suggestion, as I too, have this same dilemma.


  5. hey buddy thanks a lot for the follow.. i see you're from QLD? cool, I'm in Aus too


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