Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's my torch, I'm heading back in

So i'm just about to go back to uni, which i'm really looking forward to. This week is O(rgasm) week and next week classes start. So i'm going to be withdrawing back into the closet a bit. In the real world at least. Now it's not like i'm a flaming queen or anything but i have been more open over the holidays. Now that i'm going back to uni i guess i'll go back to what i normally do at uni. Now dont get me wrong my friends are nice people and some of them would be fine if i told them i was gay (I think). But i dont make friends easily and i think i'd rather stay with the friends i have then have no friends at all (that probably sounds stupid). I had so much to say and now i can't remember any of it. My brother and his girlfriend are currently in Fiji so i'm at home by myself. I've been cleaning and getting all my uni stuff organised. I'm going to try and be organised this year, instead of just having big piles of things.

Now that i'm going back to uni i probably wont be posting as much but i will try to do one a week. Unless i'm procrastinating


  1. Good luck this term at university. We understand that school comes first for you, so we understand that you won't be able to post as much.

  2. T; like always you have my support! You are going to chance over this year, and you are going to improve your life, both personally and academically. A good education is the key to a prosperous and secure future. You are well on the way to achieving this with what we have already discussed! You have made hugh steps in your personal life over the last few months and over this year more will happen to give the tools the achieve a good outcome with your mates... You have friends who will never desert you! Ever!


  3. I'm just new to your story, but one comment in your latest post reminds me of me. I have been in the closet my entire life, thinking that it was better to have the friends i did have, than to come out and (perhaps) have none. Too late, I have come to realise that the friends I have are not really my friends unless I can be completely honest with them. Unfortunately, I am too afraid to do that.

  4. Procrastination at uni? Unheard of I tell you... I'm sorry to hear that you must be less open and honest about who you are and more importantly who you love...

  5. The others covered the importance of school and I agree with that. I just wonder though, if your friends really are your friends, then they will accept you as you are, gay or not. If they are your friends then they will still be your friends if they know you are gay. If they stop being your friend, they never were one to begin with.

    Best wishes and good luck,

  6. I very much agree with what Scottie had said but I also understand how hard of a decision this is... I cant do it myself still :S

    Best of luck at University. Hope you achieve your goals in being more organized. You're up to great things!!


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