Sunday, January 10, 2010

At The Movies

EDIT: So i wrote this a little while ago but never got round to posting it. Thought now would be a good time cause it's a bit different from my last couple of posts

I love movies. I'm the person that watches a movie then rewatches straight away with the commentary on. I know it's dorky but i do it anyway because that's how much i like movies. I also read a lot of blogs about films.

I got shitloads of DVD's for christmas and watched heaps of movies over the christmas new years break. So my haul from christmas includes:
~Pineapple Express
~Step Brothers
~Meet the Parents
~Meet the Fockers
~Napoleon Dynamite
~Burn After Reading

I also bought myself:
~Batman Begins
~30 Rock - season 3

So I watched a lot of movies over my break and they include:

Step Brothers (x2)
So i watched this movie twice in the span of a week. I thought it was hilarious. I can find Will Ferrell a bit annoying at times but i thought this was great. The bit before the end was a bit meh but overall it was very good. Verdict: Watch it

Burn After Reading
This ones a bit different. I thought it was a good movie, very well made. But there was just something about it that i found a little ... i dont know.I wouldn't call it a laugh out loud comedy but it's definately worth a watch. Verdict: Not for everyone

I love this movie. I think its great and really funny. Something about it just appeals to me, It's probably because i can recognise the characters (though not really in myself). That whole i love you bit at the end was really good as well. I love that it made them awkward the next day. LOL. Verdict: Watch it

The Hangover
Hilarious. Probably the best comedy of the past year. I love the whole thing, especially Stu's Song. Verdict: Watch it

The Grinch
This is one of my favourite christmas movies. I think it's such a good movie and Jim Carrey is great. I'd say it's a must at christmas time. And i just found out that the little girl in it plays jenny on gossip girl. Wow, she's changed. Verdict: Watch it

District 9
Now I saw this when it was in the movies and i remember loving it then and thinking it was brilliant. I rewatched it again on dvd the other day and i still liked it. Maybe not as much as when i first saw it but it's still great. The special effects are amazing and look so real. I still jumped a little when they cut off his cast and i still laughed a little when i saw that pig at the end. My brother and his girlfriend didn't really like it, I think they were expected big action scenes all the time. My brother complained that nothing happened and his girlfriend kept asking what was going to happen. GAH!! I hate it when people ask questions during movies. Verdict: Watch it

So i rewatched Avatar with some of my old highschool friends. I think i liked it better the second time round. It still looks good and i had no problems with the 3D this time. The story is still a bit sucky but meh. It's the biggest movie ever and nothing i say will change that. Verdict: James Cameron doesn't need your money.

I'm pretty sure i saw some others but i can't remember them now (i think die hard 4.0 was one of them). I still haven't got round to seeing Where The Wild Things Are or Clooudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, but i have some new movies i want to see. I want to see Bran Nue Dae. I'm not really into musicals but this one looks good and Geofferey Rush is always good. I also want to see The Hurt Locker at some point but i dont know when that comes out in cinemas here. And I want to see the Fantastic Mr Fox, mainly because i love roahl dahl (i think thats how you spell it).

Sorry about the long post but i told you i love movies. The name of this post is of course a reference to magaret and david who i think are great.


  1. If you like movies mate, You should chexk out my collection...

    It has expanded quite a bit since then, but that should give you the general idea.


  2. I did love Avatar, man ... and the hangover was awesome. District 9 was awesome too . I find my self getting more and more into the independent films lately some really great stuff out there too. Man I use to hate my brother. So I laughs at reading your blog makes me think what we use to do. We tried and damn near kill each other lol. That dude is my rock know and I am his. Lee


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