Saturday, January 9, 2010


My mums visit today was disastorous. It started out well. We (me, my older brother and his girlfriend) met my mum and sister and one of my little brothers for lunch at 12:30. It was going alright but it rapidly went downhill. My mum and my sister left the house at 2.30 in tears. A little bit my fault but mainly my older brothers. They left for about 10 minutes then came back and my mum and my older brother sat in the car and had a big conversation. My sister talked to the girlfriend but i didn't hear that conversation (my mum and sister aren't her hugest fans).I tried to keep out of the way of the whole thing. It's been going on for ages and i just wish it would end. I always end up in the middle of fights and it sucks.


  1. Hey, family can be a bit of a problem sometimes, but I hope whatever it is, you actually hold it together and everything gets better soon. *HUGS*

  2. Sorry to hear things did not go well for you. Perhaps a good a good talking too, was just what he needs..., that's how I handle my big brother.

    I hope things get better for you mate.


  3. Sorry to hear about it going down hill, hope you have a better time when they´re not around -yeah, I´m mean, but you´re happiness comes before anything else- so don´t destroy your laptop just yet, wish you all the patience in the world.



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