Sunday, January 24, 2010

Epic Day of Epicness

So my life has changed a bit over the past couple of days. I'd just like to thank everyone for their comments. I came out to my mum on thursday so i thought i'd catch people up on the past couple of days.

FRIDAY (day)

So i woke up early on friday as per usual. I got ready early and went to centrelink at about 8.30am. Now centrelink can be quite annoying. I got there and they told me i couldn't do what i had come to do. I need to do it over the phone. GAHH!! I was like why the fuck does it say i can come in and do it then. So i got slightly annoyed at centrelink but just left it.

So I drove over to Phil's place to pick him up for our epic day of epicness. Now we've never meet before so i was a little nervous. He's cute and kinda hot in an nerdy/dorky kinda way. So we drove to southbank talking bout lots of things. When we got there we went to GOMA (Gallery of modern art). Now i'm probably not the best person to go to an art gallery with. I mean i like art but some of this stuff was stupid. I probably annoyed the shit out of phil with my talking too. So we went to GOMA then we walked over the river into the city. Phil took me to his favourite tea shop which was interesting. I got a mango jelly juice. Not really my thing but good none the less. Then we went to borders so he could finish the last four pages of a book he was reading. He couldn't find it so we left. Then we went to myers and looked at some clothes. I have no fashion sense so he chose some things out for me. He managed to get me to try on skinny jeans, which was interesting. I've never worn skinny jeans before, mainly cause i dont think i have the body for it. OK, so i'll admit they were kinda comfy but it took so long to get them on and off.I had trouble getting them over my heel when i was putting them on then i had to sit down to get them off again. Apparently they looked good on me but i dont know where i'd where them. And apparently they could be tighter. I was just like ok :S ( i dont think i could go tighter, i'm not that confident). I also tried on some shirts and found out that green and blue look good on me but yellow doesn't. After that we decided to get back to epicness and went to the casino. This was also a first for me (i'm like the worst 19 year old ever). So we went and played the pokies for a bit. I won some money so i only ended up spending a dollar which was good. We had a bit of a look around the casino then we went and got lunch and ate it in the botanical gardens. Very relaxing. Then we walked back over to southbank and just had a chat. Oh, and i saw one of my friends from uni, twice, that could have been a lot more awkward. So yeah, we talked about lots of things and had a good day. It wasn't overly epic but it was still fun. I think we're just going to end up as friends. But there were a couple of times i wished that we would kiss. But i dont know. We've already organised our next day together. We're going to have a little movie marathon (some like it hot, sweeny todd, district 9, wall-e) and he's going to teach me to knit and rap in russian. I dont know when it will actually happen but hopefully soon. So I dropped phil home and then came back to my house.


  1. Well that's good to know you had lots of fun
    Trust me I'm sure you look better in skinny jeans then I do (though I have never tried so I don't know)

  2. Glad that your life has changed, for the better it seems.

    What is centrelink, by the way. (And my American fingers just wouldn't let me type "centre", it took three tries of typing "center" before I got it right).

  3. Centrelink is a (shitty) government department. I get money from them every fortnight because i'm a poor uni student (even though i work).

  4. Sounds like a pretty decent day actually. Any reason why you think you will just be friends..., no spark?



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