Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm a Terrible Person

I'm a terrible person. a terrible fucking person. I'm so confused right now. I lead a crappy life. why can't everything just make sense and be easy. FUCK!!!


  1. Ok time out why are you such a bad person?
    Unless you are planning on blowing up all the schools(wait that would be a good thing)

    Ok calm down and tell us what happened

  2. why do u say this?
    so far, nothin u ever said has made me think u were even close 2 terrible.
    email me if u need 2 talk. i promise ur not a bad person

  3. Yeah I think you are gonna have to elaborate a little on this.


  4. hmmm, maybe because life is confussing and crappy, but must of the people try to do what they can in life to make it a little morer bearable, but I´ll join the bandwagon asking for more details. Hope everything is ok though.


  5. I really doubt that you are terrible. If something has happened, share it if you want. We're here to support each other, so hopefully someone can help. You can email me as well if you want, but I'm not so good about remembering to check email.

  6. *hug*

    There's a lot missing, so there isn't much that I can say that will make you feel better, but what I can say is that when you are ready to talk I'll be here to listen...

    ... we all will.

  7. So yeah am agreement .. and so hope you reach out man.. to someone .... Hang in there ... first off don't be your own foe . I know most will not see you as a terrible person. ( you didn't kill anyone did you like on purpose ) Lee

  8. I am in agreement with the rest of the comments .... not you btw lol sorry ... just reread that


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