Saturday, January 30, 2010


So i've found another blogger from brisbane.

Everyone has to go and look at cool charlie loves his life (there's a link at the side)

So he's from brisbane. And he goes to uni. And he studies in the same (admittedly broad) field as me. So we seem to have a fair bit in common which is pretty cool.

His blog is pretty new so go have a look at it and leave plenty of comments.

In other news
I still dont know what to do about tonight. I mean i'd like to go out but you have no idea how nervous/scared i am. I've never been to the beat before and i'm a naturally shy person. When i went to the wickham i just sat at the edge of the dancefloor and didn't say anything all night. I was so freaked out. Well not freaked out but it was all very new to me and my heart was going so fast. But having my arse grabbed did freak me out a bit. Yeah, maybe i should make up an excuse and we can go another time. I dont know. I do like phil and we are seeing each other tuesday so maybe i should just wait till then to see him. :$

Oh and i always attract the weird guys on manhunt :(

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  1. Fuck... double fuck!!! Didn't expect this... thanks T...xxooxx. Did you see my last nght post... I ditched it ... yeah I'm chicken (pluck pluck) If you did see it Jack is really not that bad... it was just me... lol

    I have too go back and put something up about me I guess... (no more study today I can see... exam is

    Hey don't forget you came out to big bro and mum so... the Beat will be a piece of cake...and if you're lucly you might get your arse pinched more than once... lol and maybe not by Phil...


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