Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My downfall and my day

I have lots to talk about but i first i'd like to thank all my new followers and people that have left comments for me. It's a good feeling knowing that someone is reading this. And there are even some aussies which makes me more excited.

Now to my downfall. In my last post i said i was going to try and stop wanking so much. That isn't exactly happening. I've already done it three times today and it's only 4.30pm. Keep in mind i worked from 8am this morning as well. I hardly wanked at all when i went to visit my family for christmas. I've decided that the problem is i have too much time on my hands and the internet. When i went to visit my family i didn't really have any opportunities to wank. It's not really possible when you have a house full of people. Also, my parents can't get the internet which means no instant inspiration. I dont know, I guess i'll just have to try harder not to wank. If that makes sense.

In other news, I finished work a bit early today which was good. But i also kinda got in trouble but i dont give a shit because the guy was stupid and i dont work in his section. Someone asked what i do in one of the comments so i guess i better tell you. I work in a food proceesing plant that makes food for coffee shops all over australia. It's minimum wage and kinda crappy but they're pretty flexible around my uni hours. And i get free lunch everyday which is always a positive.

I got lots of other stuff to write about but i also have real world stuff to do. I'll probably do another post later. Thanks for reading

OMG I just remembered that i saw the hottest guy at work today. He doesn't work for us because no one hot works for us (i'm pretty sure he works next door). I was in the lunchroom when he came in to use the drinks machine. He was very fuckable. Tall, cute, dark hair (there was something about his hair. I dont know what it was but it did it for me), great eyes and a great smile. Oh, and a piercing in his bottom lip. Like over to the side. He would have been early to mid twenties and very hot. And another thing i am the youngest at work by about a decade and you should here how dirty all the other people there are. There's a group of ladies around their 40's. They're married with kids but they always tell dirty jokes and make lots of innuendo and double entendres. It makes work interesting.

P.S. I hope I see that guy again


  1. To wank or not to wank; that is the question... arhhh fuck it... wank till your hearts content... if you cant enjoy yourself who will... CC

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