Monday, January 4, 2010


So I got two new followers AND my first comments today. Which means that someone has actually read this blog. Yes!! *high five*
Anyone can leave a comment for me or ask me a question and i'll try to give you a good answer. I might even do a whole post about it :P

In other news...
~I started back at work today which was alright. The boss is on holidays so my friend is in charge which is good. It means it's a little more relaxed.

~My brother has decided to stop being so cunty and is moving stuff out of his old bedroom. Its still full of crap but at least it's a start. Probably wont be able to move in till next weekend though. The room is kinda disgusting and needs a good clean.

~Bought season 3 of 30 Rock but i still haven't got round to watching it because my computer is a mega-bitch. I'll watch it eventually. I got soo many DVD's for christmas as well so i guess i should watch them at some point too.

~Didn't get to see sexy abs on sunday which was kinda dissapointing. We were both at the same shopping center except he was shopping with his mum. He's not out so i didn't want to push it. It could have been awkward. We did have a good chat on msn later that night though.

Thats all i can think of for now. thanks for reading

P.S. Go and read the blogs of my two new followers. One of them is even newer than mine

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  1. I guess that I'm follower number 6. I'll have to get caught up from the beginning. I just started this too, and we seem to have some of the same followers, and read the same blogs. I guess this is one big circle of people sharing and helping each other out.


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