Sunday, January 31, 2010

I dont think he likes me


So i have just returned form clubbin wit phil and his friends. I though i would do this post while still suffering frm alcohol and sleep deprevation.

I dont think he likes me. I got in there he introduced me to his friends at that was it. Thatwas pretty much all the attention i got from him all night. I dont know what i was expecting but t didn't happen. I probably spent more time with his lesbian friend. She asked me what my intentions were with phil. I said it wa up to him. but do you like him. yes. then we talked about uni and work and what not. I didn't get any signals from him at all and him and his friend seem to be very...umm...comfortable wit each othr. So yeah. i dont know. Maybe he'll be different n tuesday whene watch movies and his friends aren't there. I dont know.
I'm fine with friends if thats all hew wabnts.But i just wish i knew.



  1. So you did go, congratulations. Now you can relax around him and if it is to be more, he will show it, if not then you can be friends. Yes being with friends and a new interest the first time can affect how he reacts. He may have asked his friend to find out if you liked him so he would know.

    Get rest, be well.

  2. Yeah , thinking he may be testing you .. and getting friends input.. on you ... a test so to speak.. seeing what your willing to do ... but yeah if nothing else you had some fun and got out... maybe friends at the least ...

  3. You're jumping the gun...T You really don't know his relationship with the friends there and he just might of needed to spend time with them... ever thought he was protecting you from them... like keeping you for

    Plus his L friend asked that question the one all friends are asked to ask and it will get back to him... so at this stage be patient and follow your own advice... stopping overthinking about it my friend... lol Wait till Tuesday...

    On a side issue... Wow a lesbian friend... I want one of those... I feel like my hetro friends.. trophy hunting... (just being crudely funny... sorry if I offended anyone). But seriously I'd love to go out on a date with a lesbian.. no pressure and we can rate everyone... Does any of your followers have a story of going out with gay girls... actualy that has nice ring to it...

    Finally, did you have a good time... get your arse pinched... any good pervs.. chat to any strangers... At least I see you got home ok...

    Anyways you're been to the beat... next time will be easier... and yes I would score quicker than you... hehe...

  4. i had the same sitution with james, turns out he really wants to be fucked by me. he seemed so very distant when we were amongst his friends but he totally wants a root, he said so the other night. i wouldnt stress to much on i bc he prob wants to tap that. did i just say "tap that"? ew.


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