Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Picking Up and my boring day

So I thought I should do a proper post instead of just the youtube videos. As i'm writing this i'm talking to my friend bronco (though he doesn't know i'm writing this). Some guy just hit on him in queen street mall the other day and now they have a date for tomorrow night. Can you even imagine that. For starters there is no way i'd be brave enough to talk to a hot, cute stranger while shopping. Also i wouldn't consider myself a great flirter. I dont think i've ever been hit on (well maybe once). It's probably cause i'm not that attractive (and dont listen to sexy abs cause he's biased). I can't even imagine what i would do if it actually happpened. I'd probably be a little freaked out. We're also talking about New Years Eve and the fact i drank a whole bottle of vodka. No hangover, no vomit. I didn't even feel drunk. It was kinda awesome.


I had a relatively boring day. I realised this morning that i have to stop wanking so much. I really do it too much and its not good. And i take a while to cum as well so it takes up a fair chunk of my time (and not to mention my internet downloads).
Went to work, wasn't a great day. Though i did learn something new which can't hurt. Came home and made a honey, sesame and garlic stir fry for dinner. It turned out better than i expected. I wouldn't say i am an exceptional cook though i do alright. I can do some things really well, like roast. I make a really good roast dinner. The last one was roast kangaroo or maybe it was roast pork, i can't remember. I can also do a pretty good carbonara and some other stuff. My brother and his girlfriend got me the masterchef cookbook for christmas. Which if you seen it is completely pointless. I dont think i'm ever going to make slow cooked pidgeon or roast half pig head (these are seriously some of the recipes).so i made my stirfry and sat down to watch my one of my favourite shows, How I Met Your Mother. It was a repeat but still a good episode. Thats pretty much my entire day. All in all it's relatively boring (although work had some interesting points, there's so much sexual innuendo it's not funny).

So thanks for reading and i'm sorry for rambling. I always want to do proper grammar and punctuation in these things but I kinda forget about it once i start typing. Like I just did with the capital I in the last sentence. :)

OK so one more video can't hurt. I love HIMYM


  1. Sounds like you're quite a good cook if you can throw together a stirfry without a recipe. My husband can do that but I'm totally lost without a recipe to follow.

    Being hit on and picked up would be nice, but kinds weird too. A former high school classmate that I barely knew asked me out to a movie when we were in college and I went in a clothing store where he worked. I was mostly in the closet then (it was about 1984) and didn't realize that he was asking me out on a date. Too bad that I was clueless and said no - I heard that he had a really large penis LOL.

    It's also interesting to see American television in Australia. As an American I don't realize that our shows are followed in other countries.

  2. What do you do for a living again? I think my work doesn´t have as much sexual tension, or maybe I do and that´s the reason can´t get any work done at all, lol.

    Sure you can flirt with anyone hot guy you like, I´ll flirt with you, hahaha.

    Learn something at work + learn something about wanking = a good learning curve and an interesting day. Take care and wish you a more exciting day tomorrow.


  3. oh dear, i love those cook books. overly ambitious and a bit snobbish. my favourites are the good old margaret foulton books. the best recipe i know is a faggot of fried beans. not kiddin on the title either. the 70s were a revolutionary time for giggle worthy recipes.

  4. love HIMYM, esp. Barney...


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