Friday, January 29, 2010

He likes me ... I think

So i was talking to phil again last night. We talk (msn) pretty much everynight and still manage to have good conversations. And i think he likes me. And i'll tell you why. I told him i was thinking of taking another day off work soon cause it's turning my brain into mush. And then i was like maybe it could coincide with our movie marathon. And then i told him i was thinking of taking friday off. And he was that means i have to wait a whole week to see you (HINT!!! (maybe)) then he told me i should take tuesday off so we could watch movies monday night and i said i'll see what i can do. Then he said he missed talking to me the other night when he was at his friends (HINT!!!(maybe)). That made me blush, which i told him. Then we talked a bit more and it was kinda late so i told him i was going to bed and he said goodnight sweetie! (HINT!!!(maybe)). Then i asked him when i became sweetie and he said goodnight non-descript term of endearment and i said goodnight sweetie.

So i think he likes me but i've been wrong before. And i'm still not overly sure how i feel about him. Anyway, i'm trying not to think about it otherwise i will stuff it(?) up.

Also a big shoutout to princess who i've now told about this blog. He's the only friend i've told and i sent him a link to my blog because we dont get to talk as much as i like. He said i need to talk about him more :P

And thanks to everyone that left comments on my last post. If you haven't done so already it would be great if you could.

Thats all Folks!

I wanted to post a rick astley video here but i couldn't find one to embed. meh


  1. He definitely sounds interested. He's got a good sense of humor with the "sweetie" comment, which is always good. You don't have to decide how you feel about him at this point. You can just take it slowly and see what develops.

  2. Nite sweetie .. hmmmmmmmm ... yeah would think that would mean something ... too .. oh nice to meet ya Princess lol ...

  3. Well yeah I guess he might. Still think you should take it slow mate, especially since, you aren't even sure how you feel.



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