Tuesday, January 12, 2010

not quite yet

And just when i thought things were starting to go back to normal (what the hell is normal anyway). So my brother is still annoying the shit out of me. And there's still a bit of a standoff with mum. Its not as obvious because we live about three hours away from our parents but it's still there. So my brother had a "discussion" with my mum tonight. I think he's actually on the phone to her now. (i'm trying not to get involved). Anyway they are kinda being civil to each other but they're still disagreeing on everything. I can kinda see bith sides of the argument though i will say that, even though our mum has our best interests at heart, she can at times be quite controlling at times. Then again my brother can be quite rude and arrogant. Unfortunately i dont see it ending soon but i hope it does. I'm still not sleeping well and i woke up even earlier today (3.40am) and tossed and turned for about 2 hours.. All in all my day was kinda busy but boring.

Please note i do have a dad but he doesn't really get involved either. He's more the silent type so yeah

thats all.


  1. Yep , sometimes it best to let storms blow over... and come out when the sun is out again ,..........Lee

  2. OMG Tommy, you wrote that at like 4.00am! I hope you're getting enough sleep. It must be frustrating to be on your end, but I hope things do get better soon! *HUGS*

  3. Wait, it´s 4 am. and your bro is still talking to your mom? hope you don´t get caught in the middle. Try getting some sleep otherwise with all your work might get sick, take care and try to be neutral. Still, there anything I can do for you just name it.



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