Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Big 5-0


This is my 50th post. When i started this blog i didn't expect anyone to read it or comment on it and i certainly didn't expect to find bloggers in the same town as me. A big thank you to everyone. xoxo

And to thank you here are some facts about me. Lets see if i can get 50. I'm pretty boring and i hate talking about myself but I'll try.

1) My real name is not Tommy
2) I'm 19
3) I'm a Virgo
4) I have blue eyes
5) lots of people (gay guys) say i should straighten my hair
6) I got my first job at 14
7) I went overseas twice on high school trips
8) I paid for both trips by myself in full
9) I use to play the fife
10) I use to play the glockenspiel
11) I have never kissed a girl
12) I had my first sexual experience at 16
13) I lost my virginity at 17
14) I love watching tv
15) I love eating fruit
16) I am fussy when it comes to what vegetables i eat
17) I got an OP of 5
18) I moved to brisbane for uni
19) I was in a leadership position at highschool
20) I dont like beer (however i think australian beer is better than new zealand beer)
21) I can ski
22) I can't snowboard
23) I have never read twilight
24) I dont plan on ever reading twilight
25) I'm tall
26) I have big feet
27) I prefer cats to dogs
28) I dont like lamb chops
29) I used to paint and draw
30) I can iron and do all my own washing
31) I own a car (it's a piece of shit)
32) I'd love to travel the world
33) I have a small underwear fetish (it's not THAT weird)
34) I have had 2 official boyfriends
35) I've never really had a serious relationship
36) I have never tried sushi
37) I can ride a horse
38) I dont like tequila
39) I dont have many great friends (I once had a girl tell me it was weird to see me outside of school)
40) I have never owned a gaming console (no wii, nintendo, xbox or playstation)
41) I own a giant fluffy dice and giant poker chip
42) I have never watched a full horror movie (I kinda watched wolf creek but not really)
43) I have never met either of my grandfathers
44) I have freckles (lots of them)
45) I grew up on a cattle farm
46) I first drove a car when i was about 11 or 12
47) I drive a manual
48) At times i am scared of heights and the dark (it really depends on situations)
49) I dont understand drag queens. Well i understand it but it doesn't really interest me.
50) I'm glad i started this blog

So i did get to 50 even if it took some time. A big thank you to everyone who reads my blog. If you have any questions just ask. i'll try to answer them as best i can

Thank you


  1. Can you explain #17 - an OP of 5? Is that good or bad? You can email me if you don't want to explain it here.

  2. That make two of us .. glad you started to blog. We both been working since 14! I am also so not attracted to Draq Queens nothing against them personally. Do have some as friends. Underware no way .. come on man ... I know a lot of people with this .. ( not me ) .. sorry lmao like my men raw don't care about what they wear... Thanks for sharing I enjoyed them .. Thanks for putting yourself out there for us to read . I have to say man feel sad, worried ( do that again man ) happy, and mad... but one thing you made me feel... Looking forward to 100th , 200th and hoping for more... btw shithead you never answered my email.. when you did worried me. Keep it up .. glad our interweb crossed...


  3. An OP is a mark you get after leaving highschool. Kind of a way of ranking students. They use it for entry into uni and what not. It takes into account your marks and state averages and scores on your QCS test ( A big two day test that pretty much everyone takes). The highest OP you can get is a 1 the lowest is a 26


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