Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Survived

I survived Australia Day. My skin has returned to normal after spending all day submerged in water. And apparently we got to 39/40 degrees today, HOT (about 104 farenheit). So i finished the bottle of rum from the picture in the last post. I had a great BBQ lunch and listened to TripleJ's Hot 100. I liked the top 10 but some of them were a bit unexpected. We all knew mumford and sons would win it, even though i'm not a huge fan of the song (I didn't vote so i cant really complain). I completely forgot about lily allen and hilltop hoods but i'm glad they made it in. I'm so pleased that bluejuice made it in the top 10, and florence and the machine and lisa mitchell. I'm not overly fond of art vs science but i guessed that they would be up there (although i'll admit i didn't expect them to get 2nd). This is the first year that i've actually listened to the whole thing from 100 (well 101 this year - another bluejuice song) to 1. I love that flight of the concords got three songs in and i had to laugh everytime the presenters mentioned dicks on the dancefloor.

In other news, I should mention how much i love sport (hello, i'm australian). I'm currently watching the Australian Open. As usual there are no australians actually left. I really wanted Sam Stosur to make it further but she did well. I dont really care about Leyton Hewitt. Oh, and Andy Murray = *drool*
So I love sport. Love watching it and love playing it. I do, however, suck at sport. Most of the time I just play to make up numbers. I know i never excel at any of them but i still have fun. I haven't really played organised sport since i moved to brissie about two years ago but i have played a lot of different sports, to varying degrees of success. Here's a list for you
~indoor cricket
~rugby league
~dodgeball (yes it counts, it has to for the amount i played)
~lawn bowls
~Newcombe (I dont think this one really counts)
~ultimate disc
~swimming (I dont think this one should count but i'll mention it)

So yeah. My favourite sports teams are the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Lions. They're in different codes so it's alright.

In case you hadn't noticed i changed my design of the blog and my tag line thingy. I dont really know what i think of this design. I might change it back still. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

P.S. I'm kinda embarrased about putting up my bonds picture. I think i might delete it


  1. Don't be embarrassed mate..., I will tell you now, that you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about!

    On the whole FOTC thing..., you better not have any plans on claiming them! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    Glad you had a good day mate.


  2. yep agree again with Oct. You have nothing to be ashamed about. But man if you want to delete it then I would. Glad you survive Australia's Day.. sounds like you had fun man. Yeah I notice you change , really like the description.... ( I like you old layout personally but this will grow on me )


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