Sunday, January 3, 2010


So I got up this morning and I was all for writing another post. But now I dont know what to talk about. I have so much stuff going around in my head it's not funny. Where to start...

I've been thinking about christmas and my family a bit. I'm totally the favourite grandchild. My mum's mum loves me. We spent nearly four hours driving in the car together (i picked her up and bought her home for christmas) and I learnt all the family secrets. She thinks her twin sister is an alcoholic. She hates one of her other sisters. She hates her daughter-in-law (my aunt). She hates my little brother. She hates Kevin Rudd and Anna Bligh. We talked about politics a fair bit which we've never really done before. She has gone a little crazy lately but i still love her.

My older brother is pissing me off. He's just so annoying. I live with him and our other housemate has just moved out. So his girlfriend is moving in (not her biggest fan). So the two of them have moved into the main bedroom with the ensuite. And I want to move into his old bedroom. Mine is currently next to the loungeroom/kitchen his old room isn't. But i cant move rooms cause all his shit is still there. I asked him to move it and he was like i'll move it when i get time it's not like anyone new is moving in. And i was like i'm moving in there. And he just said i can't do it now then sat down in front of the TV. GAH!!! I'm thinking i should just get all his shit and dump it in front of his new bedroom door. He wouldn't be able to get out that's for sure. He also has no sense of my privacy and uses my computer which pisses me off endlessly. I hope he doesn't find this blog.

Sexy Abs
Me and my boyfriend had a great chat on the net last night. It was the first time we'd really spoken for 2 weeks seeing as i went home for christmas. we sent the occassional text but my reception wasn't great so we couldn't really talk.
Anyway, We had this rather deep conversation last night and i got kinda emotional. Now i'm not really an emotional person. I'm not someone who cry's a lot. In fact i can't remember the last time i cried. So we were talking about his 18th, which lead to us talking about sex because we can't have sex till he's 18 (I could however go out and find some random chick his age and have consexual sex with her. Thanks a lot for your discriminatary laws QLD government).So 18 is the legal age for sodomy in my state so no sex till he's 18.
Back to my story
I was like have you thought about sex. with me. and he said yes then asked me the same thing. And I said yes. And he asked me what i had thought about. And i told him i had thought about him and his body and lying there in each others arms. And then i said I thought about you fucking me. Now this is a big deal for me and this is where i started to get kinda emotional. I told him that i've never felt this way about anyone else and that he was really special. And i've had sex before but it wasn't really romantic and i've never been a bottom before and i've never really thought about anyone fucking me but i want you to fuck me. And i told him i felt like crying, good tears, because i've never really done anything like this before. and he was like if you want me to do it i will. Because i love you. i told him i would be right back. I had to go away and compose myself. I didn't cry but i thought i might. I came back to our convo and i was like sorry for getting emotional i hope i didn't scare you. and he said it made him feel special and just love me even more. It made me so happy.Then i was like i dont mean to sound rude but you know it wont happen till you're 18. Not that i dont want it to but i dont want to get in trouble. And he said he understood. Then the mood lightened a bit and he said you never know i might be really crap. And i said i dont care. You're my boyfriend and i love you and we'll have a great time when it happens.
Hopefully i get to see him today. We've been going out for just over a month and i've only seen him twice in that time. Is that wierd??

Thats all i can be bothered to write about now i've but i've been thinking about lots of other stuff too. Like coming out, How much my computer sucks, Avatar and lots of other stuff.
Sorry for the spelling/punctuation/grammar and sorry for rambling. Then again i'm pretty sure no one reads this so i'm apologising to no one.


  1. hey really good blogs hope everything works out with u and ur bf


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