Sunday, January 17, 2010

So Confused

I'm so confused right now. Now i'm thinking that i dont want to break up with him. God this sucks. Why cant things just be plain and simple. It ould make things so much easier. I dont even know if i am going to see him today. maybe i should just break up with him and we can try again a bit later, like after he's 18. then again i dont know


In other news apparently some guy wants me to be his master so thats kinda interesting. so yeah


  1. ok man I don't get why you a terrible person?
    Is this the 17 year old you were talking about. Please if it is
    Man. love doesn't ever make total sense. Don't understand why you haven't to break up


  2. if so it just a two year difference other than legal issue wtf ... is the big deal ... so don't agree with that law... either ... So man don't kick in your own teeth ok ...

  3. Master Tommy... hey that has a nice ring to it... but not as good as Thomas the Terminator (said with a very Arnold accent) hehe... CC


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