Thursday, January 28, 2010


Bet that got your attention. Unfortunately, for you, the title has absolutely nothing to do with today's post :P

Quick Question

How did you find my blog?

I'm really curious as to how different people stumbled upon my miniscule corner of the internet. I'd also really like to know what your first impression were and why you decided to keep reading.


If you're lucky i'll give you something :P

P.S. I'm typing this on my brand new computer. YAY!!


  1. Hey Tommy

    Well, I found ur blog through a link up from another blog I usually read. But I really can't remember who's blog it was. Maybe it was Dzyan. But I can't remember.

    I kept o reading ur blog (and linked u 2) cause I just love the emotion in ur posts. It feels sincere.

    Nway, there ya go!


  2. Now let’s see... how I found your blog... Through Matt at ‘My Life’... (I think)... Too which I read your entire blog ... from start to finish and the comments and posted some of my own comments too. And did this all last night... while I should have been studying (3rd Semester Engineering Management course, I might add... lol) because it’s awesome ...isn’t that enough....hehe
    Seriously; just like me you’re in Queensland... At uni.... but most of all, you’re studying engineering and you’re gay.... what an awesome the way I still don’t know your discipline?
    You have the best of everything in you... you have the knack (a rare condition)’re not like other kids... you can’t lead a normal life... I’m sorry but you’re going to be an engineer... lol and most of all, it’s hearth felt and entertaining...
    Enough with that... what laptop did you get and please tell us all why your brother shaved his legs... lol

  3. Oh... and what movie was Pussywillow from? T

  4. Probably through a link on another blog, maybe tick tick boom. Or was it a comment you wrote on someone's blog? I'm not sure.

    You write well about your journey to come to terms with yourself, and have the world come to terms with you. And it's good to read aussie stories, too.

  5. I came across your blog from umm.. I think it was Lee's blog - and then yeah, I found out you're from Brissie! First impression, clueless - but when I get to know you more and more, you're not all that clueless you little devil. :P

  6. Dzyan, Mikey or Matt, would be my guess. I know I followed a link here.

    Does it really matter why I stay? Well ok..., I stay for you, because you seem like a decent guy. From the very start, and I think I got here pretty early, you have come across as an honest guy and someone I would like to know better. Plus your Australian..., and a poor Kiwi like me can have no better pleasure than poking fun occasionally at those from our big brother across the Tasman.


  7. I follow screaming bloody murder, and check out your follow profile there, found our you had a blog. Then off I went to read btw then you had me hook you were bitching about your brother btw. Then I found Travis All night wannbe off yours .. so was a good day. I stayed because you put yourself into your blog. You were real allowed your feelings in it . Been around enough fake people. Could tell you weren't like that . I have been Here ever since. Oh yeah ( this is just giving you hell , I don't really give a shit not why I blog ... ) where am I in the link list. lol ... lmao .. I so only put links up I like so understand , my blog isn't for everyone. btw you have some really great people in you list that are real and go way beyond a blog. I do love to blog but have found many many real people that are even better than they are in a blog man. you even got a damn good writer over in there too. But yeah that was how I found you ! Glad I did ... I hope that what you were looking for ... oh yeah then there is Aaron ....... lol ....... sorry for brining him along man. ( don't let him know but really he is a grade A guy )

  8. I found you as a follower of another blog. I think that it was your photo that I noticed first ;-). I keep reading because I enjoy your posts. I want to know what it's like for younger gay guys, and I hope that the world is an easier place to be gay than it was when I was your age. I don't really remember what my first impression was.

    You can also change your profile - you're only partially closeted now. Congrats on that, by the way.

  9. I was reading a blog that mentioned yours. I read a few parts, and I liked your writing. I will read a lot more when I can get time. I stay because I am interested.


  10. I was blog exploring again and went to (insert guy's name here) blog even though I swore I never would again after the way he treated me and saw your name on the blog roll and I clicked it and here I am


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