Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help Me

So i'm thinking about the design of my blog and i'm thinking about changing it. But i dont know if i should. I was thinking about maybe putting some pictures up. But yeah.
I'm also thinking about changing my display picture but i dont know if i should. And i dont know what i should change it too.

So any advice or ideas would be welcome. I have 20 followers (yay! thank you) so i should at least get 10 comments. OR ELSE :P


  1. Hmmm..., punishment could well be interesting..., what did you have in mind?

    As far as the template goes, just go with what you like. You can always check out the range of templates, and make changes later, if you first or even second pick doesn't come out well.

    As to your display pick, again just go with what you are comfortable with. In the end we come for you mate, anything else is just window dressing.


  2. I like your current layout. More photos of whatever you like would be good.

  3. Since you only have 3 comments... plus this one; now = 4... I'll repeat myself 6 times...
    T is awesome; T is awesome; T is awesome, T is awesome; T is awesome, T is aweseom... No Im not normally this crazy... fucking engineers have to always be so serious, but here I can be crazy... love the blog ...been reading for the last few hours, since day one... love it... CC


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